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Friday, 28 September 2018 08:40

Praise be to Simon.

Simon is living the life of a high society celebrity right now. He has been summoned by the head honchos at SSI to a conference in Croatia where Simo will be probably displayed on a podium in a bullet proof glass encasing, as the demonstrative model of what true SSI perfection really looks like. Coming on for 20 years as a Scuba Diving professional, and more than a 1000 recreational certifications under his belt, and nearing half that many again certified by Simon as either a Divemaster, an Instructor in some capacity or other, or even Instructor Trainers, and Instructor Examiners, Simon is THE most experienced SSI Trainer in the world. So in retrospect maybe it’s not really a conference but more of a call to worship Simon. The SSI equivalent to the Muslims annual pilgrimage to Mecca!

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