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Tuesday, 11 September 2018 07:19

Weird Dolphin Story of the Day No. 2


Not a day goes by without our Facebook feeds being clogged up with photos, videos and stunningly boring anecdotes from the numerous Big Blue instructors that have upped and left us to go and ply their trade in the playground for rich American tourists, the beautiful Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

One story that immediately caught my attention was the one that I will now do my best to share with you, but anyone who is expecting something related to diving here on Koh Tao best just quickly click away right now.


Famous in the area is a male bottlenose dolphin nicknamed ‘Stinky the Loner Dolphin’, who has managed to get himself quite the reputation in these parts. Dolphins are not so common around Caymans, so his appearance delighted many swimmers, snorkelers and divers, but as it turned out Stinky was also very happy to meet these people too. A little too happy, in fact.


This lone male is one of the rare cases of a bottlenose dolphin being expelled from its pod, which is presumably due to his naughty behaviour which has been getting worse since he first appeared on the scene around 2012. It’s thought that he’s around 20 years old (estimated by his scars, and how worn down the teeth are) which means he’s sexually mature, but unfortunately without a mate to get his end away with he’s turned his attention to quite simply whatever the hell he fancies rubbing up against: moving boat propellers, anchors, mooring buoys and - you guessed it – any human that gets a little too close to this pervy little mammal.


A typical Stinky encounter goes something like this:

  1. Stinky locates human.
  2. Stinky tries to ‘ride’ human and introduces them to ‘Little Stinky’, which is a nice name for his schlong.
  3. Human is pushed to the bottom of the ocean floor or to the surface for extra romance action.
  4. Stinky attempts to give human love bites.
  5. You are married to a dolphin


Cayman Islands videographer Michael Maes is one of the locals who can attest to the rather flirty dolphin and his sexy ways. He was scuba diving with his wife and a friend near Grand Cayman when he spotted Stinky, and tried to catch his wife's attention:

"I turned my head away from her and Stinky was there, maybe 15 inches (38 centimeters) away from me," Maes said. "His eyes straight into my eyes, so I went crazy, like, 'Hello! There's a dolphin.'

"My wife, he tried to eliminate her," Maes said happily. "He charged her like five times, but forcefully."


The dolphin then tried to bone Maes, who at one point had to put his back against a coral wall to protect his inviting poop-hole.

"But a dolphin, he just joins you," Maes recalled with a tear in his eye over his lost love.


Luckily for all those out there with a fetish for watching dolphins trying to force there slithering wiener into people, he managed to catch it all on video which you can see here –


He writes on his Youtube page:

“It remains a wild animal and Stinky is in an awkward situation which can turn him into a playful killer-machine…Please be prudent people and get out of the water when you see him. Believe me, if he decides, you don’t stand the slightest chance!”

Which to me sounds suspiciously like he’s acting the jealous boyfriend and trying to keep Stinky all for himself.


Marine biologists have actually known that dolphins are very horny creatures for a while now, with research showing our open-minded friends engaging in masturbation, rape, gangbangs and periods of bisexual and homosexual behaviour with other dolphins, and there’s even the odd report of (also odd) humans returning the favour too, which I’ve been assured has got nothing to do with Bill Cosby.




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