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Thursday, 04 October 2018 08:07

Care in the Koh Tao Community

In recent years Koh Tao has really focused on improving the medical services and facilities available here. The opening of the Koh Tao Hospital, a dedicated evacuation speedboat, the Koh Tao Rescue group & then some of our resident divers involvement in the cave rescue of those 12 boys and their coach back in July are just mention of a few of those businesses & people whose hard work and dedication has improved life for everyone here on Koh Tao. Another great introduction to Koh Tao is the Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) course which focuses on stabilization of the casualty, through to the skills required for prolonged field care until the arrival of the emergency services. They learn how to render definitive care. If the treatment is in their scope, they are able to administer it completely. If the patient needs to get to a hospital, the Medic can stabilize and render lifesaving aid. So in addition to being able to help the community of Koh Tao these trained Medics will also be a massive benefit to any Dive operation. So who better to send than our own Instructor & Sports physio Sonia Scott & genius pharmacist & Divemaster Claire Messenger. Great stuff girls. Enjoy the course & let’s hope you never have to use it. Ever!

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Friday, 28 September 2018 08:40

Praise be to Simon.

Simon is living the life of a high society celebrity right now. He has been summoned by the head honchos at SSI to a conference in Croatia where Simo will be probably displayed on a podium in a bullet proof glass encasing, as the demonstrative model of what true SSI perfection really looks like. Coming on for 20 years as a Scuba Diving professional, and more than a 1000 recreational certifications under his belt, and nearing half that many again certified by Simon as either a Divemaster, an Instructor in some capacity or other, or even Instructor Trainers, and Instructor Examiners, Simon is THE most experienced SSI Trainer in the world. So in retrospect maybe it’s not really a conference but more of a call to worship Simon. The SSI equivalent to the Muslims annual pilgrimage to Mecca!

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Here at Big Blue (for the first time in what seems like forever) we have a job vacancy here on Koh Tao, and it’s for arguably the best job the world has ever known: Full Time Divemaster!

The role of the Divemaster here at Big Blue sounds almost too good to be true, to be perfectly honest with you all, and certainly not something where you are actually paid real cash money to perform – you have to dive an incredible tropical divesite (with water temperatures not dropping below 26 degrees here) with a small group of certified divers, and located amazing marine life.

Then comes the hard part – you must then raise your arm, extend a finger and point at whatever you’ve found, whilst simultaneously attracting the attention of your group so they too get to look at it.

Yes, that’s pointing at beautiful things for a living, and getting paid to do so. You can see why we don’t often have any openings in such a wonderful job, as not many of our DMs ever want to leave!


Of course, it’s not all pointing at whalesharks, turtles and stupid bloody Nemo. Once every four days to give your ears a bit of a rest we get you to do a day in the Big Blue Diving reception. This entails meeting new divers, explaining what our trips can offer, organising the boats, the equipment needed for each, and the divers allocated to the correct boat. So that’s talking to people about diving, counting things, and a little adding up and multiplication for which a calculator is available (if necessary).


Let’s summarise the DM role a bit:

  • Dive beautiful dive sites
  • Find stuff
  • Point at stuff
  • Call people over to look at stuff
  • Count stuff
  • Use a calculator
  • Talk to people about stuff underwater


I’m sure you’ll all realise that competition for this job is likely to be fierce, so anyone interested in becoming our latest ‘luckiest person in the whole wide world’ should come and see us in person (so we can stare at you and judge you) with your CV, or drop us an email via this website, and we’ll stalk you on your Facebook.


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“Workin 9 to 5
What a way to make a livin’
Barely getting’ by
Its all takin’
And no givin’
They just use your mind
And they never give you credit
It’s enough to drive you
Crazy if you let it”


As legendary country singer and massive mammaried matron Dolly Parton sang, the real world can easily get you down if you let it.  For a few lucky souls out there who took the plunge and became dive instructors that 9 till 5 grind is a thing only of nightmares, and the world of scuba diving offers the chance to spread your wings and really experience all the wonders this god-forsaken planet has to offer.

Need more convincing? Check out this, my top benefits of travelling as a dive professional:

Pay Your Way

Travelling is, as we all know, not the cheapest way to spend your free time. However as a fully trained dive instructor with a bit of know-how it’s quite easy to plan your world travels around the diving seasons, and then hit up the local dive centres for work when you do arrive! Here on Koh Tao the best time to do exactly that is our peak months of January, February, July and August, and to come just after a Koh Phangan Full Moon Party will increase your chances even more due to the influx of bucket-drinking idiots that head our way once they’ve sobered up enough navigate to the local travel agent.



Make Friends Easily

Dive professionals may seem like an odd bunch, but put a few of us in the same room and it won’t take too long for the conversation to reach a deafening crescendo as we share the numerous diving stories we’ve collected in our scuba careers – after all, who enjoys scuba stories more than like-minded individuals who have equally as crazy stories to tell themselves!


Dive for Free!

Diving can be bloody expensive, and when on a budget or when you’re used to diving for free at your place of work to suddenly have to part with hundreds of dollars to get underwater can often feel like a kick in the teeth – so how can we work our way around this then?

It’s simple really - work your way into it! You’ll be surprised how many dive centres will let you dive for free with them in return for a little work,  and if you impress this will often lead to offers of more work to help fund your further travels; a win-win situation for us poverty-stricken dive pros!


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Build an Impressive CV

With so many wise individuals entering the dive industry it’s never been more difficult to find instructor work, especially if your CV is a little lacking. By offering your services to different dive centres when travelling you’re building up some vital experience around the world which can only stand you in good stead for your future endeavours, or even get your foot in the door at a dive centre you feel like settling down in for a while!


Kissing the Girls and Boys

It’s a fact that dive instructors have a reputation for being rather easy to ‘kiss and cuddle’ with; it’s something I’ve witnessed many times myself on Koh Tao, even for the pug-ugly and those practically devoid of personality. I’m assuming that’s due to dive professionals simply being much cooler than everyone else (as none of us would ever take advantage of our positions of authority) so by using our supreme diving skills whilst on our travels, there’s no doubt in my mind that the chances of hooking up will rise accordingly.

 dive instructor long

International Contacts

Now maybe this is just me, but in my years of travelling one thing I always wanted was to get was an address book brimming with new travel buddies that I could go and visit in the future, and take advantage of their hospitality by staying with them rent-free till the end of eternity. Now, what better way to make firm friends with someone on your travels then to spend a few days introducing them to the greatest hobby the world has ever seen. One of the things you never forget was your first ever dive instructor, so why not take advantage of this by turning up on their doorstep one day with a smile and a big bag of dirty laundry.


Local Knowledge

Dive instructors and Divemasters, despite having the best job in the whole world, often feel a little hard done by for some reason. Because of this we tend to have an affinity towards each other, and when I meet other dive-pros working in my holiday destination they’re always very happy to share their local knowledge to ensure that I get the most out of my stay in their neighbourhood – so much so that nowadays one of the first things I do when arriving somewhere new is to locate a dive centre and hit them up for their top tips on where to eat well cheaply, which places will keep me on the toilet all day, which are the best prostitutes and where to pay off the police.


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