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Saturday, 08 December 2018 08:18

Question- What's the difference between PADI & SSI?

Answer : Very little! Each individual training agency is 100% recognised throughout the world.
The differences between these training organisations are quite small but at the end of the day,
The main differences are...
i) with PADI you have to buy the training manual whereas with SSI the online training manual is included with the course price.
ii) with PADI the skills on the Open Water Course are done in a certain order & if you have trouble with a skill you must persist with the skill untill you get it right before we can move on with other skills. With SSI we can leave the skill that is troubling you, move on with the other skills & then come back & do that skill again later on in the session.
iii) The PADI video is painful to sit through! The SSI video isn't quite as painful but it still smarts!

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Going from strength to strength

Twas the day before Christmas...

Demand for SSI Instructors increases

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 14:52



After the stunning surprise of not getting sacked after the last inadequate blog was uploaded, there's actually been a bit of feedback from you lot, our desperate readers - surely you've something better you could be doing, doesn't the sink need re-grouting or something?. Most have asked to know more about not just Big Blue, but the people who make it what it the stunning success that it is - the instructors and divemasters.

Today, after careful consideration on whom I will do my best to offend in any way possible, I have chosen to follow around for the day Andy 'Angry' Campbell and his delectable partner in a fart-filled office, Mr Paco Rabanne Garcia. For those lucky enough not to know these incredible 'men' (i've seen no proof), Andy is in charge of the Tech Diving department of Big Blue - it's like recreational diving, but for those with tiny penises, and Paco is his assistant/BFF

07:00 - Andy's long suffering protege Paco gets in first, to make sure that the Tech Shack is clean enough for the imminent appearance of Lord Campbell, and to warm up his slippers in the microwave. The lingering smell of a thousand chuffs hangs ominously in the air from the previous days 'off-gassing'.

07.55 - Paco is Andy's first victim of the day, having a little cry when he hears Andy pull up in his Citroen 2CV.

08.00 - Andy appears, notices the bags under Paco's eyes, and laughs a laugh that makes all his plants wither and the milk go sour. Somewhere, an angel dies.

10:00 - After 2 hours of shouting an inanimate object (the shower) for having the audacity to change temperature slightly when he was washing his goolies, Andy pulls on some filthy BB Tech t-shirt, a pair of shorts Neil would be proud of, pokes a kitten in the eye (he always has one on hand for this exact reason) and heads out to the beach, leaving Paco alone in his misery - coincidentally also Paco's favourite time of day!
10:30 - His first students of the day arrive - it's a couple of our divemaster trainees! They already look frightened as Andy scowls at them for being youthful and being on time.

10:31 - Both are already in tears for 'not knowing everything already', despite just arriving. One of them is sent home for wearing bright colours, and huge no-no in the Tech diving community - black doesn't show the grease stains from Andy's 1950's hair pomade, you see.

10:32 - The real teaching begins, as Andy gleefully pulls out the pièce de résistance of technical diving - a Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator, that can do graphs and stuff.

11:30 - After being cheered up quite significantly by the much more affable calculator, the students dry their tears on Paco's favourite wetsuit, now used solely as a cleaning rag to 'put him in his bloody place'.

12.00 - After mastering the calculators dreamy functions, Andy now blindfolds his students and goes home for a break, leaving them to pack their diving kit without the use of their eyes - presumably as by the time they've finished this course they would've cried both the bastards out.

12:30 - After a brief trip to the local school to tell the kids the truth about Santa, Andy reappears with a puppy he found on the street.

12:31 - The puppy implodes, after listening to just one minute of Andy's patter.

13:00 - Diving! The still blind-folded students, now seriously regretting all of their life choices that led up to this harrowing experience, follow the trail of a million DMT tears before them and somehow end up on the boat unharmed physically, but mentally already dead. One of them has forgotten the calculator, and is immediately made to leave Thailand forever via swimming.

13:30 - After putting on some totally ridiculous shorts and what appear to be some some of bondage/gimp suit, they start to descend. After ten minutes of diving and about an hour of hanging on to a rope underwater doing sums, the trainees tears now raise the water levels on the island by a good few centimetres, washing away the sandcastle Andy had spent the whole of yesterday forcing Paco to build. You're in trouble now Paco!

15:00 - The surface interval - 90 minutes of Baron Campbell moaning about the prices of calculators, the positive benefits of the Brexit and how people need to 'harden the f*** up!', all whilst eating a fistful of Jammy Dodgers and drinking a cup of 'Lady Grey' tea, which he gets imported at great cost and takes out of Paco's wages.

17:30 - His students vow never to return to the oceans, and have another wee cry at the thought of all the math they need to do at a depth of 3 metres, for ages. Andy punches the air with delight, and takes out a passing Puffin much to his pleasure.

18:30 - The diving day is over, and all the tanks need to be re-filled for tomorrow. Paco immediately does it, and escapes a good thrashing.

19:00 - Andy retires to the bar, and over a white wine spritzer manages to bore half the people there with his tales of mathematics, the best sand and the easiest way to make a girl cry. The rest of the bar he (of course) makes cry, belittling them for not having clown-shorts with massive pockets, for wearing a colour other than black and for actually enjoying the marine life, a huge faux pas with Tech divers around the world.

21:00 - Andy's bedtime, and Paco's second-favourite time of the day as he can stand over him sleeping and try to drown him with his tears.


It was at this point in my spying when it all became too much for your dear writer. It truly was the longest of days, one that'll never leave me till the day I die, and has made me aware of the true brutality of the world today, a world of tears, black stuff, hanging on to ropesdoing sums, Paco's tortures and of course the hero of the day, Big Blue's most valuable team member and Andy's mentor, the Texas Instruments scientific calculator.




Andy and Paco are actually excellent Tech divers, and also very interesting too. Everything written here is a load of old clap-trap, to be honest. To get more information on the Tech diving we offer here please contact Andy himself via Facebook on our 'Big Blue Tech' page, or the old fashioned way via our email.


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Tuesday, 23 August 2016 12:18

Tuesday 23rd August 2016junioropenwaterdiver

Another successful Swim for Sharks this year. Our very own Nick Bufton came first in the men’s section, narrowly being pipped as overall winner by a girl, but we won’t hold that against him! Simon Garrity came in 10th. It was not an easy swim this year big waves and a huge rainstorm made it very difficult for the swimmers. Swimming caps off to them all. Well done guys and for everyone else who participated in the swim, the shark fin head shaving, the Shark Guardian Team where here again selling many t-shirts, vests and sweatshirt all for a fantastic cause.

August is nearly over and soon the kids will be back at school, so if you are still in Thailand and you have the kids with you bring them along and they can do their Junior Open Water Course. The minimum age for the certification is 10 years old and they are able to dive to 12 metres and once they turn 12 they are then able to dive to 18 metres, which is the normal depth limit for an Open Water certification. The course covers exactly the same as the usual course, but still being at school and having brains that are sponges, the theory is super easy for them. All we ask is that they are able to swim 200 metres and can float or tread water for 10 minutes.

Introducing younger divers to the underwater environment will give them a greater understanding of the impact we are having on the oceans and how important it is to respect our seas. It also helps to quash the misconception the media has put into our minds about sharks, movies like Jaws, Sharknado and The Shallows don’t do the poor creatures much justice. Even Shark Week has slowly turned into “when sharks attack!” instead of explaining why this may be happening. Lack of natural food sources caused by over fishing and the disgusting shark fin black market are making them even more vulnerable than ever, and without these apex predators our seas will die, which in turn means we die.

Very Funny Story Today

High Season Begins With Whalesharks

Welcome Back and Farewell

World Record Attempt Smashed

Friday, 03 May 2013 14:04

Wednesday 31st January 2013- 



Saw this & thought how true! " A Dive Center  Posted On padi yesturday at 11.30 pm ish,...5 ads for padi pros in 5 differant locations...Ok good I thought 5 chances at a job in one go..... So I answered with CV straight away......Guess what I got back this morning...... Divers Club International Topic: No dive master/AI opening available. From: Human Resources Department - Hello Chris J, Thank you for your interest in our dive master/AI job opportunities! I regret to inform that all dive master/AI positions have been filled by our instructor course interns. In the hope that you might consider joining one of our PADI diving instructor courses or internships with inhouse job objective and priority as an alternative to Divemaster employment, I have sent you our GO PRO ACADEMY information. Not Good........IF YOU HAVE NO JOBS DON'T POST JOBS ON PADI.....If I wanted to pay for the AI/IE I would not waste my time answering ...JOB!!!!. Adverts. Sorry !!!!......RANT OVER....." Stop wasting time! Do your SSI Instructor Training & get a job Eezy Peezy lemon Squeezy!

“100% recommend this place” -5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor January 28, 2013 - 3 of us just finished our advanced open water with big blue last week. It came highly recommended and we'll be sure to send our mates to the same spot. Great food accommodation etc and the staff are really cool. Massive thanks to Petra! (Best instructor on the island) Defiantly go to big blue!

Sharks are kinda scary. In the water they're faster than us, can appear from what seems like out of nowhere in an instant, and pack a pretty solid bite. It's easy to get nervous when you're in the dark ocean and unsure of who is swimming by with a toothy grin. But sharks aren't the animals you should be most afraid of. Here are some that are much more likely to cause your demise. Mosquitoes-  655,000 people killed each year, primarily in Africa, through the little buggers spreading malaria. Hippos- 2,900 people are killed by these moody mammals annually in Africa. That roly-poly exterior is just to lure you in. Deer- 130 people killed across the U.S. by deer, almost exclusively because drivers hit the deers with their cars. That saying "a deer in the headlights" came about for a reason.  Bees- 53 people die each year in the U.S. because of an allergic reaction from being stung. Dogs- 30-35 people are killed each year in the U.S. Fido isn't always your best friend. Ants- 20-50 people are killed each year in Africa from ants. They may be small but dozens, hundreds, even thousands of stinging ants can really add up. Jellyfish- 20-40 people per year die in the Philippines alone from the anaphylaxis caused by the stings. Cows- 22 people are killed in the U.S. every year from these seemingly docile creatures. They're fun to pet, but getting kicked in the head by one ... not as fun. Horses- 20 people die each year thanks to our equine friends. Spiders- 6.5 people die in the U.S. every year from spider bites. Rattlesnakes- 5.5 people die from rattlesnake bites each year in the U.S., which isn't a whole lot considering how common they are in popular hiking and camping areas. Sharks-1 person is killed each year in the U.S. and fewer than six worldwide are killed by sharks. From 2006 to 2010, there were just three fatalities from shark attacks in the U.S.  So if you find yourself harboring feelings of fear or even hatred of sharks, you might want to take a step back and gain a little perspective. They aren't nearly as deadly as you might think. 


Saturday 26th January 2013-

26Congratulations Emiko one of our many Japanese Instructors who can now bat for the other side having completed her SSI Crossover with flying colours. SSI (Scuba Schools International) is one of the oldest dive organizations in the world and still growing each day. The SSI Instructor Crossover program is designed to orient Instructors who were trained by other certification agencies to the teaching and business philosophy of SSI. At the end you will be allowed to teach and certify divers through SSI. Since you already have done your instructor training with another agency, you already know how to teach divers. Therefore our main goal during the course will be to make you knowledgeable and comfortable with SSI Programs, products and services, so that you may confidently teach SSI courses and attract members of the opposite sex!

Another busy Full Day Trip to Sail Rock today. The Gulf of Thailands number 1 Dive site according to Lonely Planets Diving & snorkeling Guide to Thailand & there aint many people who are going to sit there & disagree with that. Sail Rock is a 15m above and 35m below surface pinnacle that lies between Koh Tao and Koh Pha-ngan. Its famous for its natural underwater vertical swimthrough or chimney which divers can enter at 6 metres and exit at 18. It is also the visiting site of many larger pelagics including chevron barracuda, big schools of mackerel, jacks, trevally and tuna & apparently Saturdays are an excellent day to encounter a seasonal whale shark or manta ray here as well!

“big blue and koh tao”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor January 20, 2013 - Absolutely amazing !! The staff, especially AMI my open water instructor...she was incredibly calm, funny, knowledgable and averall fantastic.We had only small groups, just 3 in ours, I felt confortable, completely safe and at ease( and I was really nervous!!) and Ami made the whole 'learning to dive' experience completly awsome!! They even filmed us on the last dive, (the one where we all qualified as open water divers) edited so well that it will make me smile always , a treasured memory. definitely hooked now though, will be back for more.Cant rate it higher....the best dive school in Koh Tao, staff, accommadation, beaches, boats and dive sites ALL Fantastic.

Friday 25th January 2013-




Calling out all old school Koh Taoians! Remember when Koh Tao was a little get away from it all unexplored island hideaway that no one had ever heard of. When you had to sit on a bag of coconuts to get here from the mainland on one of those once a week delivery boats. A little island with awesome weather, white sandy palm fringed bays & beaches, fabulous sunsets, unspoilt, undeveloped, virgin divesites & a place with a real close friendly bonding between the locals & us 'Farang? How when we opened Big Blue Diving, only the 2nd Diveshop on Koh Tao, people thought what pioneers we were! & now look at us! Who would have guessed that we could go from there to now - one of the largest Dive centers in the world! Well we've been offered something amazing! Anyone fancy repeating what we've just done here on Koh Tao in another undiscovered tropical island paradise with unbelievable diving right on our doorstep! Whalesharks, pygmy seahorses, turtles & dolphins A Resort, a bar, a restaurant & a diveshop in another part of Asia? The opportunity of a lifetime! A golden opportunity to partner up with one of the worlds leading Dive centers and open up Big Blue Diving....(TBA)....! Interested parties must be willing to input capital & whose aim is to supply their customers, holidaymakers divers, with an enjoyable and safe experience & memories that will last a lifetime. The business of making people happy! Serious applicants please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“More than I ever imagined”-5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor January 20, 2013 - I came to Koh Tao after traveling through southern Thailand. Big blue was highly recommended by many of the travelers I had met. When I arrived at the island, I found them and the resort was very professional. Super kind people gave me the run down for the course and I was hooked. I booked for the open water dive course, which consists of 4 open water dives and a pool day (learning). I loved every minute of it. I was lucky enough to have the best instructor I could asked for, her name is Petra. She is a rock star... So knowledgeable, safe and funny. When I was given my open water card, I decided to stay for the advanced diver course, which Petra was also teaching. I can tell you that 4 dives just doesn't cut it, you will want to stay there for much longer. The ascended course took the group to a wreck from WWII, chumphon pinnacle and other areas to navigate. I would not have traded this experience for anything. Thank you Big Blue diving and most of all THANK YOU PETRA!!! .... For you are the best. Can't wait to come back for more diving next year. 

 An awful lot of lost looking Cobias at Southwest Pinnacle right now which doesn't bode well considering there was a Whaleshark there full of these lost looking Cobias on it just the other day. Do hope that doesn't mean what I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach tells me it means. Please let us know if you see a Whaleshark in the Southwest Pinnacle, Sail Rock, Samran Pinnacle or Shark Island divesites. Also let us know if you see a fishing boat with a Whaleshark! :-(

Thursday 24th January 2013-

24Did you know that absolutely every instructor candidate we've had over the last year is working. From NZ to Caymans but mostly in Thailand. To give you an idea, we have crossed over 20 instructors on Koh Phi Phi this year. They are all working at dive shops now on Phi Phi apart from one who got sacked for being crap and breaking standards. We have taught around 20 SSI ITC's on Koh Tao and over 20 Crossovers this year & every one is working apart from 2 who now live in Bangkok working for Microsoft. Right now we have a 2 person ITC & a 1 person crossover with a polish guy today & then a japanese lady tomorrow & we'll tell you when they get their first paid jobs. I should think it will be a few days after they get there SSI number. Unless they have a negative attitude and think the world owes them a living, which is covered in the X over or ITC, so they should come out of it being realistic. ie Just because you go to UNI doesn't mean you get a 100,000 pound a year job. You still have to work your way up and work hard. Same Same in diving. Some people become instructor and think that's it. These are normally the people who can't make a living in the "real" world and think dive instructing is an easy job. Sitting on beaches, drinking cocktails and diving once a day and getting paid loads of money. You need to pick where you do your instructor course. Just saw this post from a dive center . "Congrats to all our candidates who passed the PADI IE. The first batch of 2013 is a really good one. Best of success to all in your career as diving instructors" That sounds like thanks for your money good bye and good luck. Pick one that will help you find work. They might even help you with the ladies! 

“Awesome experience!” Reviewed on Trip Advisor January 23, 2013 - Couldn't recommend this diving school highly enough especially if you have never dived before. Me and my girlfriend were both excited to try this but also a bit nervous. We had Rick as our instructor for our open water course. If you get him you are in our opinion very lucky. He made all 3 days of the course good fun but was also very professional and put us at ease as he is so calm under the water. Though we have heard from other travellers good things about all of the instructors. Also have to mention Andreas who assisted our dives and is a dive master in training. We have no doubt he will go on to become just as good. Overall great fun and made to feel safe at all times. If we ever return to Koh Tao will definately be diving with big blue again. Accomadation also excellent and all staff very helpful at all times. Thanks guys! Neil and Toni - Farnborough, UK.

So it looks like the the Dive prices on Koh Tao for the Open Water Course might well be changing this year! Finally Dive centers are beginning to realize that selling the PADI Open Water course at 9000 Bt is just not covering the costs. So it looks like the PADI Open Water Course might be taking on a price increase of 1000 Bt by most shops & that doesn't even include the E-manual which will cost an additional 800 Bt. But its not all doom & gloom. Luckily the SSI Open Water Course is still staying the same price. So it looks like its going to be 9000 Bt for your SSI Open Water Course or 10800 Bt for your PADI Course! Know which one I'd be recommending to our year off undergraduate backpackers!

Tuesday 22nd January 2013-


Whaleshark! Again. They just keep on coming! This one was a very friendly one too & decided to hang around during our surface interval & spent the majority of the time at the surface so we could all go snorkeling with it! Not a bad start to the week. and everyone on the trip got to see it underwater scuba diving with it & snorkelling on the surface with it aswell! Memory of a lifetime for just 1600 Bt! How's that for a bargain!

“Highlight of my trip!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor -January 20, 2013- I was in Thailand for 3 weeks in December 2012. I spent a week in Koh Tao at Big Blue over Christmas. It was the best experience. I completed the SSI Open Water Course and the Advanced Adventurer course. Having never dived before, this was the best place to be introduced to it! Daisy was my instructor and she was amazing. She is so knowledgeable, patient and fun! I heard that all of the other diving instructors were amazing, but I still believe my group had the best one ;-). (Sorry to everyone else! ) Big Blue Resort was so great to stay at as well. The accommodation was clean and well maintained. I met so many people and ended up hanging out with them for most of my time there. It was so fun to be there over Christmas with so many beach parties happening. Definitely the best place to learn to dive and to have a great time!! I hope I can go back again for some more diving!

HONOLULU —An amazing video was captured last Friday of a dolphin reaching out to a human for help. It happened during a manta ray dive experience off the Big Island's Kona International Airport. The group of snorkelers and divers heard a loud squeal and a bottlenose dolphin swam right into the dive spot. As it approached, diver Keller Laros saw it had a fishing line wrapped around its pectoral fin. The amazing part of this video -- to watch as this dolphin simply rolls over and patiently lets Laros get to work. "i was trying to unwrap it, I got the line fishing hook out of the pectoral fin.  There was a line coming out of his mouth.  But, the line wrapped around his pectoral fin.  Was so tight and he had cuts both front and aft," said Laros.  "I was worried if I tugged on it, it might hurt him more.  I was able to cut the fishing line and unwrap it." Laros got the fishing hook out and snipped the fishing line by the dolphin's mouth. Others tried to get more fishing line out but the dolphin swam away and the group never saw the dolphin again. "I've had bottlenose dolphins approach me a lot of times and they are really smart animals," said Laros.  "They way he came right up and pushed himself into me there was no question this dolphin was there for help."

Monday 14th January 2013-


This photo was taken by Peri Paleracio, in the Philippines. The whale shark was found by a scuba diver, still alive and trying to swim. Its pectoral and ventral fins were cut off by poachers who sell shark fins at a premium for the Chinese delicacy, shark fin soup. Locals, with the help of local government, pulled the still-struggling shark to shore where it died the next day. Here a local woman mourns its miserable fate. This photo was named "most compelling image" of 2010 in honor of the UN's International Year of Biodiversity.
This is not just something caused by Chinese fishermen, it is a global problem. Shark Fin soup is sold all over the world, even in the UK. Please support the fight against shark finning.
* Spread the word.
* Share photos and stories such as this.
* Sign petitions. This one is petitioning the UN for a worldwide ban on shark finning:
* Write to local restaurants serving the dish: Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation have a celebrity-signed template letter and map listing restaurants in the UK selling shark fin soup. Find them here:
Most of these things can be done with such minimal effort, just a few seconds, or few minutes, of your time. Collectively our voices DO make a difference. Countries and cities have successfully implemented bans on the sale of shark fin products as a result of individuals coming together to make a stink about it.

“Learning to dive”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor January 9, 2013 - I came to Big Blue after doing quite a bit of research because there are so many dive schools to choose from. I was not disappointed. I was lucky to get Guy as my instructor, he took a group with no knowledge of diving and within days we felt like pro's. I've extended my stay on Koh Tao to go further with Guy and diving in the advance diving course. As for the resort, it's right on the beach. Many schools are farther into the town. They have good food and a bar for a few beers during happy hour after diving. I stayed in the free accommodation that you get with the courses but they have all types if you aren't on a budget like I was.

First Full day trip to Sail Rock has gone off without a hitch, as is always the case. The boat is full. everyone on it is an experienced diver so not a single course on it which is rare so its going to be an awesome day out. Cooked breakfast on the way out then first dive at Sail Rock. Morning tea & crumpets during the surface interval followed by a second dive at Sail Rock. Then its a Thai buffet banquet for lunch while we head back to Koh Tao to do one of our lesser known dive sites but a very popular spot for the fishermen Samran Pinnacle then its chocolate cake & back to Big Blue by 5pm for a couple of refreshing beers at the bar just in time for sunset! What a day!

Saturday 12th January 2013-


If you are dreaming of life changing adventures...are you ready for the life changing consequences? If you are, then get out there and live your dream! So many unhappy people out there living a hum drum existence prostituting themselves for some big corporation or even small company doing something they just don't want to be doing. Why? Make 2013 the year you change your life & do something you want to do! Get a job on the beach! Save an endangered species like the whale or shark! Photograph mind blowing creatures & historical wrecks & artifacts. See with your own eyes things you never believed possible. Educate people. But for gods sake do something life changing this year. This is your life. Your one shot at it. You owe it to yourself. Live your dream & start by sending me an email! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I promise you this. You will not regret one minute of it!

“Big Blue was incredible!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor January 9, 2013 - Doing my Open Water Course (and the upgrade to an Advanced Adventurer the day after OW finished) at Big Blue was one of the best experiences of my life and certainly of my 3 months travel! Even though we were out of season, we spotted both whale shark and turtle twice - I went straight in and booked my next course. Ben was the best instructor anyone could ask for and he got our team down to 30 meters like a dream, despite of whatever concern one might have had. I had quite a struggle with equalizing in the beginning, but Ben gave me all the time I needed and got me safely down independently from my group - I was truly grateful! I think that I can speak for anyone in our 6 man group when I say that we all loved having Ben as our instructor and that we would recommend him very much! 

Going to be launching into fashion this year! Big Blue fashion! And I don't mean dressing up to look like smurfs but going to get some real cool fashionable clothing. Beach style! Looking at extending our huge range of T-shirts and singlets, short sleeve shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts & hoodies too. On top of that we're going to have a range of hot ladies bikinis, & guys & gals board shorts. Want to make some boat coats & beanies, anoraks, baseball caps & sun hats. Some bags & briefcases, rashies & wetsuits too. We're going to be making people look so cool this year Quicksilver & Billabong will be quaking in their jandals! Just need someone to help me launch it all & get it all into action! Anyone fancy a very cool fashion challenge? Drop me your CV This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This is an amazing opportunity. Who's up for it?

Friday 11th January 2013-


Without question I think one of the best things about Big Blue Diving is the fact that it has 2 resorts within a couple of hundred meters of each other! Big Blue 1 is unquestionably the whole heartbeat & pulse of the operation. Its been there since the year dot & offers rooms- AC dorms, fan rooms, beach bungalows & AC rooms on site. It has an awesome Bar & Restaurant with a great atmosphere especially at sunset & at night & is the center of operations when it comes to the diving. You arrive here & you leave from here. Big Blue 2 is now 1 year old. Has a 3 storey building with 21 rooms offerring AC dorms fan rooms & AC rooms as well as bungalows Fan & AC, & a purpose built Divers swimming pool. The restaurant & Bar are also located on the beach & it also has a spa. With this kind of set up the place has a lot of appeal but its the staff that make it the legendary place that it is & when you put all 3 together the Staff, Big Blue 1 & Big Blue 2 you've got one of the best places in the world. Certainly the best place on Koh Tao. Lots of love, Jim Donaldson. General Manager, Partner, Scuba Instructor & one of the luckiest people in the world!

“Best time of my trip in Asia”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor January 5, 2013 - I found myself constantly saying almost everyday that it was the best day of my life. There are loads of dive shops in Koh Tao and it is a little overwhelming when deciding which to choose from... So just take my advice and dive with big blue! I went around the island and visited a few different shops that had this kind of "we could care less" if you dive with us or not attitude. Being the high season and around Xmas all the shops have tons of new clients coming in everyday with questions & at big blue they seemed to be the only place that was actually happy to have me and wanted me there. I signed up for the open water corse totally pumped but when it came to actually getting in the water I was quite freaked. It felt so unnatural I was really apprehensive about just breathing underwater. BUT since I had the best dive instructor EVER daisy was there to help me every step of the way. She had so much knowledge and experience and really made me feel relaxed and at ease underwater. I ended up totally having a blast during every dive we went on and I went on to take the advanced open water course. Everything about big blue felt just right. Kinda a summer camp vibe around the whole place. It was a great way to meet new friends and an awesome place to learn how to dive. Daisy was so patient and understanding and answered every question we had (and we had a lot). In a place like Koh Tao you can feel like you might just get rushed through the course and spit back out but daisy & big blue made me feel like I actually learned a bit about diving and the world underneath me. I def recommend it to anyone interested in diving while in SE Asia :) thank you so much Daisy I miss you xoxo !!! Can't wait to take my knowledge and dive in Bali and all over the world! 

 So I've managed to fill the receptionist vacancy I had at Big Blue 2 a few days ago. In fact I got a little overwhelmed with all the applications & ended up not being able to make a choice between the top 2 candidates so ended up hiring them both! So congratulations to our 2 new members of staff Joe & Sofia who will join Caz at Big Blue 2 beating the place back into shape. I might still be in the market for a new opening if there is anyone else interested in living on a little tropical island paradise. Know anything about running a restaurant & drawing in a crowd. If so drop me a line This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I might just be the answer to your dreams!

Wednesday 9th January 2013-


Enjoying just the most tremendous sunsets here in Koh Tao right now. The beach is completely full of people with their cameras snapping away under a blood red sky! And while the weather is this good there's a big demand for Night Dives right now too, so we're pretty much night diving every night right now. And who wouldn't want to go out on a boat with this sunset to enjoy just before you arrive at your divesite for your night dive. Awesome sunsets, calm seas, warm tropical waters, great company & an hours dive checking out the teeming marine life Koh Tao has to offer at night.

“My most memorable week ever :)”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor January 4, 2013 - I planned on spending a few days on koh tao to do my open water course but ended up staying for 10 and this was largely down to big blue diving. koh tao has a unique vibe unlike anywhere i have been whilst traveling and big blue diving made my time here even better. i originally signed up to just do the open water course which was both cheap, recommended and came with free accommodation in very decent dorms (although upgrades are also available). My instructor daisy was absolutely brilliant, both in her teaching manner and helping me out personally with sorting out a room which i initially had a problem with and she went out of her way to sort this out despite it not being her job at all. She was very patient with all of us and we all felt like we had learned loads in our group, both in the lessons and the dives, we couldnt have asked for a better instructor.  The accommodation, bar and restaurant is right on the beach which is perfect. As to the diving itself, the dives were great and the service and quality provided by big blue for each dive was excellent. I had such a great time that I decided to progress onto my advanced course, again with daisy which did not disappoint and daisy was equally fantastic on this course despite working long hours and teaching us 6 days in a row right up to christmas eve. the night dive and the wreck dive on this course were worth the money alone and you get a discount for the advanced course if you did the open water with them which makes it dirt cheap. i had the most amazing week and would immediately return to big blue if i ever get the chance to go back to koh tao. thanks to daisy and everyone else at big blue that made my christmas and the rest of our groups so special we won't forget it! 

Role up role up! PADI Open Water Course on Koh Tao is about to be increased by 1000 Bt making the price 10800 Bt for your PADI Open Water Course where as the SSI Open Water Course is still just 9000 Bt! Prices are going to be changing over the coming weeks so if you are insistent on taking your PADI license and want to save a few pennies then you're best off getting in here quick smart. However if you have any common sense you'll take your SSI Open Water Course which is cheaper than PADI anyway, you get your certification immediately as opposed to having to wait 3 months for your card and most importantly you don't have to sit through the most boring embarrassing educational vdo I've ever had the misfortune to watch. NB... all dive cards are interchangeable & recognised at 100% of all diving destinations in the world! Why would you spend an extra 1800 Bt when you can get the better more enjoyable version for less!

Tuesday 8th January 2013-


Starting another SSI Instructor Training Course on the 15th January with world renowned SSI Instructor Trainers Simon Garrity, South East Asia's leading Instructor Trainer & Paul 'Tosh' Tanner South East Asia's second leading Instructor trainer! Course price will set you back just over 60000 Bt and includes 2-3 weeks of Instructor theory, skills, exams & lectures. Employment opportunities at the end are very high too. In fact of the 12 SSI Instructors on our last 2 ITC's 11 of them are gainfully employed and living a new life on the beach teaching people to scuba dive & showiing them Whalesharks! Fancy a change in lifestyle yourself? Well maybe 2013 might just be the perfect time to do it! Live the dream, sign up for your Scuba Diving Course SS Aiiiiii!

“Big Blue Rocks!!!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor January 4, 2013 - I went to Koh Tao to dive and randomly ended up at Big Blue when I was shafted by another motel/resort there. In short, I was so glad I went there. I wanted to complete my open water licence, which I did. The instructors are awesome. I had an instructor called "Irish G". Irish had been diving and instructing for over 16 years. She was cool, calm and totally a pro at her job. I always felt safe and she is MAJOR FUN! We only had 4 people in our dive crew which was awesome to have such a small crew. "Irish G" - totally made our crew feel confident and we all decided that we would then do our advanced if we could do the course with her. We completed our Advanced diving with a night dive, navigation, and a wreck dive as well as two other dives to just over 30m. I now am fully already planning my next dive trip - I am thinking Big Blue may be hard to beat as far as friendly service and beauriful surroundings go? I met loads of great crew and everyone was so friendly. There was time for divinga and also time for a party, which Koh Tao does well. It was really hard to leave. Thanks big Blue and Thanks "Irish G" for such an awesome time!! Will be back for sure!! Reece From Australia 

Whalesharks still being spotted with quite some regularity! Had one seen at Chumphon Pinnacle two days ago followed in the afternoon by another seen at Twins "in the sand' amazingly enough! Never seen one that shallow & then yesterday afternoon... get this... we actually had a Whaleshark in Japanese Gardens! Now that would have been a sight! So lots of Whalesharks still around Koh Tao right now. Are you?

Monday 7th January 2013-


Employment Opportunity in Paradise! Big Blue Diving is looking for a Full Time receptionist at Big Blue 2 to start ASAP! Duties include check ins & check outs, cashier, & can talk diving. Perks office on the beach, free diving on your days off 20% food & drinks discounts at the Restaurant. Thai or Westerner. Must speak English! Great place to work. Great location. Awesome team & really handsome Boss!

“Advanced adventurer course”-5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor January 3, 2013 - This was my second time diving with Big Blue and they have lost none of the quality that I experienced the first time around. The accommodation was remarkable for the price you pay and I was right in the beach so could take advantage of the excellent nightlife. The dives were excellent and the instructor, Petra, was very patient with our course where you could see her obvious frustration with some of our course members. She maintained an air of positivity and enthusiasm that was quite infectious and all that attended the course thoroughly enjoyed the dives, especially the night dive and the dive onto a wreck. All in all, I have had a wonderful time and will not hesitate to dive with Big Blue in the future. A big thanks to all that made this trip so memorable. 

As is so often the case in Thailand major decisions are not so much announced as allowed to escape into the public domain. For most of the residents of Koh Phangan it was when they saw the following sign dotted around the island that they began to think that the rumors about Koh Phangan getting an airport were not just empty rumors. The announcement surprised lots of people. Those who are familiar with the island know that it is an island covered in mountains in the center and along the east and west coasts. There are, of course, flat areas suitable for an airport but for years it seemed that nearby Koh Samui Airport would suffice to service Koh Phangan. The island was somewhat defined as Koh Samui’s ‘little brother’ that was not as developed and that drew many backpackers and low-end tourists looking for more pristine nature as well as cheaper prices. This perception has changed over the last 10 years with the boom in the Full Moon Party industry. The Full Moon Party in Haad Rin as well as the other parties in Ban Tai and Haad Rin draw thousands of visitors to Koh Phangan every month. Another change is the creation of an up-market enclave in Thong Nai Pan Noi that has 4 luxury hotels to choose from. It seemed time that Koh Phangan stepped out of the shadow of its big brother and demanded its own independence. Kan Air with its successful bid to gain permission to build Koh Phangan Airport has judged the situation carefully. Moreover, at the same time the government has identified 100 tourist locations in Thailand that should be developed. Koh Phangan is among the first 29 locations to receive funding. The projects for Koh Phangan include building a reservoir near Thong Nai Pan , further improving the roads on the island and laying underwater electric and telecommunication wires between Koh Phangan and the mainland. This will greatly improve the electricity supply and internet speeds as currently both are routed through Koh Samui.It really is time for Koh Phangan to come out from Koh Samui’s shadow. The announcement of an airport for Koh Phangan should be seen in such a context. Whether the consequences of this action prove good or bad for the inhabitants of the island we will have to wait and see.


Sunday 6th January 2013- 


 Been a heck of a start to the New Year! Every single member of staff is diving back to back courses meaning they're finishing their PADI Open Water Course in the morning & going straight out in the afternoon to start the new PADI Advanced Course then completing 2 dives of the Advanced the following morning then jumping into the pool to start Confined water with their new SSI Open Water Course & then completing the Advanced Cousrse after with a Night Dive. My injured Instructors who have cuts & scrapes & ear issues are all doing the Academics & the Meeting & Greeting of new customers & we've just employed Becky for this busy period to be here to make sure all our accommodation issues are managed efficiently. Busy busy busy! And on top of that we still got Whalesharks at 3 Divesites around Koh Tao at the moment so the DM's are flat out  & because we don't want to have the boatys rammed to the rafters I've rented another boat to see us through this busy spell. Loving it! Flat out but heaps of space! Could that be why we are Koh Tao's most popular Dive Center! or might it have something to do with the hoardes of topless sunbathers lieing out the front of the resort right now! 

“Loved it all!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor December 31, 2012 - I knew that diving was one thing I was going to do on my trip, but I had no idea I would love diving and Koh Tao so much! I chose big blue as it came highly recommended in my guide book, and I am so glad I did. As soon as I arrived I got a warm greeting by the staff and my instructor, and got settled in at Big Blue 2, in one of the dorms. Nice yet pretty basic, but a great deal as it is free on the days that you dive! And steps from a quiet area of the beach. I started my SSI Open Water that night with Steve, a seasoned professional. He was a great teacher, made sure that everyone was always very comfortable with all the drills, and got us excited for our open water dives. There were a lot of people on the boat other than our group, but despite being a bit crowded there was a great atmosphere. I decided that since I was there, I might as well do the advanced course, and that is when I really got hooked. We had 5 amazing dives with Skui, with the night dive definitely being a highlight! Still not wanting to leave, I did an afternoon of fun dives at 2 great dive sites with divemaster Chris, who was super excited to show us cool aquatic wildlife. Amazing dives, awesome instructors, and all around incredibly friendly people made Big Blue one of my favourite places visited! 

Japan bluefin tuna fetches record $1.7m. A single bluefin tuna has sold in Japan for 155m yen ($1.7m; £1.05m), almost triple the record price set last year. High bids traditionally mark the year's first auction at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market. Even the buyer, sushi chain owner Kiyoshi Kimura, who also paid out the record price last year, said the cost was "a bit high". The sale came amid continued warnings from environmentalists that tuna stocks are dwindling and overfished. This year's record-breaking fish was caught off north-eastern Japan and weighed in at 222kg (489lbs), some 47kg lighter than last year's prize-winner, which fetched 56m yen. The auction at the market - which trades millions of dollars of products daily and is a popular tourist destination - began at 05:00 local time. Mr Kimura immediately carted his purchase off to a nearby branch of his Sushi Zanmai chain. He said he wanted to "encourage Japan" with his bid. The price works out at about $7,600 per kg ($3,500/lb). Japan consumes more than half of the world's bluefin catch.... and clearly has the worlds stupidest man living there!


Friday 4th January 2013- 


We decided as its a new year why not start this year off with our very own TECHTASTIC JANUARY SALE. For January only anyone who books an INTRO TO TECH Course we will give you a massive 30% Discount taking the price from 10,000 Baht down to 7,000 Baht. This will still be a 3 day course and will teach you all the foundation skills needed to progress in Tech whilst still looking cool as a cucumber. All you need is to be Advanced Open Water Diver. So grab a bargain whilst its hot off the press. The Tech Shack x

“Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, A Standing Ovation...Big Blue Deserves It!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor December 31, 2012 Here's another A+ review to add to the masses: I thought that I would maybe dive once or twice while on Koh Tao. I ended up diving 12 times in 5 days. I already had my open water when I arrived at Big Blue, but got a refresher with James (who was great!), and couldn't pull myself away from the water after that. I had the pleasure of diving with several different Dive masters, all of them were wonderful. Pal told us tons of great diving stories on the boat on the way out to the dive site; Danny was extremely nice and conscientious; Carly was awesome and realized I was using less air than the rest of the group so she switched me mid-dive to another group so I could have more time- Thank you Carly! Marc was wonderful; Chupa and Andre (sorry if I misspelled your names) were very patient and so much fun to dive with. Last but not least, Phil was spectacular. He makes an effort to really show you the dive site. We were always looking under rocks and crevices to check out the animals that he spotted. One of the dive spots we went on got a little hairy at one point because of the current, but Phil handled it very well and made sure we all got on the boat safe. The great thing about any of these guys is that at the end of the day, they are more than likely to sit down and have a beer with you and tell you diving stories no matter what your level of diving is. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and while I wasn't able to get my advanced with them due to time constraints, they have inspired me to continue with my dive training here in the states. The atmosphere on the boats and at their restaurant lends itself easily to making new friends and meeting new people. I walked in to the resort alone, but came out knowing much of the staff and people that I had been diving with consistently. Thank you guys! I genuinely had a great time with all of you and hope to be back some day soon. TLDR: Big Blue is awesome and you should go diving with them. 

Well you'll be pleased to know especially if you are on your way to Koh Tao this week that things have calmed down a little & that more beds & rooms are becomming available. We ourselves even have 6 Dorm beds available today which came out of nowhere. I also have a couple of beach bungalows as well. So drop in if you are planning on doing some diving here. You won't be disappointed!

Thursday 3rd January 2013-


Ok ... welll... blimey crikey... Its been a little busy. Not just us but the whole of Koh Tao! In fact there's been so many arrivals here in Koh Tao over the last few days especially from Koh Phangan that I do believe this island has been slightly submerged underwater a little more than usual! There was still people walking around looking for rooms at 10 o'clock last night which must have been slightly unnerving for them. Tis a little less stressful today I'm pleased to inform you & there are a few more rooms coming available even as we speak but I do highly recommend booking yourselves in before you arrive on Koh Tao in future. I'd also recommend booking your boats too! A lot of our bookings weren't able to get to Koh Tao cos the ferries here were full. Book online or once you've made your booking with us & then let us know which boat you are on & I'll organise a free taxi to pick you up at the pier when you get here! That should clear a few headaches for you.

“Loved it all!”5 of 5 stars Reviewed on Trip Advisor December 31, 2012 - I knew that diving was one thing I was going to do on my trip, but I had no idea I would love diving and Koh Tao so much! I chose big blue as it came highly recommended in my guide book, and I am so glad I did. As soon as I arrived I got a warm greeting by the staff and my instructor, and got settled in at Big Blue 2, in one of the dorms. Nice yet pretty basic, but a great deal as it is free on the days that you dive! And steps from a quiet area of the beach. I started my SSI Open Water that night with Steve, a seasoned professional. He was a great teacher, made sure that everyone was always very comfortable with all the drills, and got us excited for our open water dives. There were a lot of people on the boat other than our group, but despite being a bit crowded there was a great atmosphere. I decided that since I was there, I might as well do the advanced course, and that is when I really got hooked. We had 5 amazing dives with Skui, with the night dive definitely being a highlight! Still not wanting to leave, I did an afternoon of fun dives at 2 great dive sites with divemaster Chris, who was super excited to show us cool aquatic wildlife. Amazing dives, awesome instructors, and all around incredibly friendly people made Big Blue one of my favourite places visited! 

Three days into the New Year & I'm afraid we've only seen 1 Whaleshark so far! Just a little disappointing considering we saw over 20 last month but you know... mustn't grumble. Plenty more fish in the sea! & still not an entirely bad batting average all things considered. 33.3% to be exact. If we can keep up these averages then we will end up with over 100 Whalesharks throughout the whole year! Almost as many as we dived with in 2012! 

February 2013

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Monday 30th January 2012-a

A Lions Mane Jellyfish, the largest jellyfish in the  world. First mistaken for a large whale bogey, the Lions Mane Jellyfish have been swimming in arctic waters since before the dinosaurs (over 650 million years ago) and are among some of the oldest surviving species in the world. There you go. How's that for starting your day off with a useless bit of Marine trivia!

“Professional, Safe and Fun!” - Arriving in Koh Tao it's difficult to know who to choose for diving and accommodation as it is so competitive. Big Blue has it all, free accommodation (if you're diving), excellent and knowledgeable staff, a great atmosphere and an excellent restaurant. The equipment we had was of a very good quality, the boat was fully equipped and the Dive sites were amazing. This was my first experience of Diving and it couldn't have been better, we learned a lot and had a lot of fun along the way. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Big Blue to anyone! Trip Advisor-5 of 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars.

Afraid the weather has let us down a bit. It precipitated down on us pretty much all night & now its precipitating down again pretty much all morning! Good thing we're all going scuba diving! What else you gonna do when its prepissitating down like that! If you're gonna get wet you may as well do it diving!

Sunday 29th January 2012-b

Good to see Big Blue Diving is still rated First in Lonely Planets list of Must do things on Koh Tao! & even better to see that we are rated 4th out of 2960 things to do in Thailand! I see that the 3 biggest reasons for rating us so highly is 3) the quality of Dive Instruction, 2) the welcoming & friendly atmosphere of everyone at Big Blue & the Number One reason for making Big Blue Diving the Number 1 place to visit in Koh Tao & the fourth place in Thailand is .... the Big Blue Pizza! Still the best Pizza on Koh Tao! & apparently the fourth best in Thailand!

Well the office is almost completed! So close to completion in fact that we asked the local monks to come over yesterday morning to bless the place! Its always a good thing to do in Thailand as the Thai people beleive in Ghosts and a monk ceremony is often performed on new building or homes before the tenants move in to rid the place of bad spirits. So last Friday we rid the place of the bad spirits. You know people like Canada & Yvonne (lol guys only kidding) & had our new office blessed with prayer, food drink & holy water. I just know 2012 is going to be our best year yet! Can you feel it? Ooh I can!

So its Instructor Crossover day tomorrow for any existing Instructors from PADI or SSI who are interested in being able to teach BSAC courses as well. We have about 2 or 3 of our own Instructors adding another string to their Bow & I beleive there will be a few more from other Dive centers coming here tomorrow aswell. The Instructors will each be taught by our very own  Big Blue Diving BSAC Instructor Trainer Andy Cavell, Manager of Big Blue Tech & Big Blue BSAC & legendary BSAC Director Les Skelton. The English equivalent to Jacques Cousteau, only understandable & doesn't talk with a silly accent! 
Thursday 26th January 2012-c

Fancy another WW2 wreck trip to one of the top multi-wreck destinations in the world with Big Blue Diving's Tech Department? This October we're off to the Phillipines, to a fleet of Japanese supply ships that were found and bombed by the American Pacific fleet and in specific task force 38 from aircraft carrier USS Lexington. It is unsure how the ships were spotted, some say from a high level spotter plane, others say it was interpreted Japanese radio transmissions. But the end result was a massive loss on behalf of the Japanese and a big development for the Americans in the pacific. From this horrendous act of war in the 1940's we now have a world class diving destination with lots of 100m+ length wrecks in a very small area, all within 30mins of the expedition hotel. The depths of the wrecks range from 15m - 43m and there is the possibility for very long penetrations through these big ships. If you fancy a bit of pioneer diving with Koh Tao's leading Technical Diving experts then drop us a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info and bookings.

Don't forget, the first land and underwater clean-up of 2012 will be on this Saturday, the 28th. The land Clean-up will be in Mae Haad starting from the main pier at 9am, and the underwater portion will be in Chalok Ban Kao, from 2-4pm. Don't forget to bring your Project AWARE clean-up bags, we will supply baskets for the boats. Join us afterward at the Aquamaster Party taking place at the Moov Bar in Mae Haad for some great food, drinks, and prize giveaways. Thanks a lot, hope to see you there!

" “Probably one of the best on the island!”- We have over 500 logged dives and twice as many unlogged, so we know a professional diving center when we see one. Big Blue is definitely one of them, with knowledgable and experienced diving instructors, especially Steven, a nudibranch freakguru, who's been able to spot even the tiniest of the tiny one's. Thanks again, Steven, for the dives we've had together, it's been fun! We've also seen him use his verbal whip once in a while to discipline the younger DMT's, so we KNOW the site is being run well. All equipment available on spot (ABC's, BCD's, wet suits of all sizes, regs), rather standard, but well maintained and taken care of (large wash tanks and professional storage). BB has two large, comfy doubledecked boats it uses to get the divers to the sites (oxygen on board, fruits and drinks served after dives). Dives organised on time and according to schedule. The dive sites itself are pretty, but rather for the undemanding divers, most of which we dived on were easy, quite shallow (max 30 m), rock formations with medium sized coral gardens, few large pelagic species, plenty of reef fishes, practically no currents. Visibility rather annoying at 5 - 25 m. Personally would recommend the Chumpron Pinnacle with nice swim throughs and depth up to 35 m, where whale sharks are sometimes sighted (schools of barracuda almost on an everyday basis) and the Red Rock with the Japanese Gardens at 10 m,  having one of the most beautifull coral formations I have ever seen." Trip Advisor

Wednesday 25th January 2012-
We are diving the mother wrecks of the South China Sea on the 27th of April 2012 aboard the brand new vessel MV The Ark. The HMS REPULSE & HMS Prince Of Wales are both huge WW2 battle cruisers with an amazing yet very sad history. Both of these machines of immense power and strength met the same destiny when they were attacked by Japanese torpedo planes on the 10th of December 1941 at 12:33 (Repulse) and 13:18 (Prince of Wales) both disappeared beneath the surface of the South China Sea with massive losses of life. The boats now rest on the seabed at >60m (Repulse) and >70m (Prince of Wales) and are both around the 240m in length mark meaning loads to see on these wrecks. As they are war graves we do not promote penetrations on either wreck and this is actually no officially illegal on both of these war graves. Andy Cavell, manager of Big Blue Tech will be leading this trip and this is especially sentimental for him as one member of his family died whilst serving on board HMS Repulse. We will be bringing a reef to lay in respect of all British soldiers who lost their lives whilst in the attack out of respect. The trip will be 2 days diving on HMS Repulse, 1 day diving on HMS Prince of Wales and the last day will be diving a NEW WRECK, NEVER DIVED BEFORE!!!!!!!!! The undived wreck is believed to be a tanker undived and unexplored. A perfect trip for some really good diving onboard a brand new vessel MV THE ARK. Amazing facilities onboard, fantastic food and remarkable crew services. Come and experience it... ! Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding your booking etc. We have 3 places remaining and these are strictly 1st come 1st served.
“Inoubliable !!” I decided to go to Big blue instead of another diving resort simply because you get free accommodation when you do your open water certification ! I wasn't expecting anything but a good time ! well, it was even better ! The Staff is brilliant ! I did my open water certification and my advance one has well with Luke White ! An amazing guy who's really passionated and professional ! He's ready to do almost anything to make you succeed, and he's a really laid back instructor :) he will make it has easy has possible :) the resort is great ! the restaurant is really good ! though i have to say, my room could have been better. It was really humid and smelly... but can you really complain when it's free ? I can't wait to go back ! Thank you BB for the amazing experience and Give LUKE WHITE a pay raise :) he really deserved it! Daphnee." Trip Advisor 5 out of 5 stars.
So today its extreme makeover time! The pool people are popping by to plod on with the ploughing of the place where the pool will be placed! Its all happening right now! Aow Muang will be back in the next couple of days having been painted to look like Banzai's twin. The new office in Big Blue 1 should be ready to move into tomorrow. The restaurant on the beach at Big Blue 2 is now open. 14 of the 21 rooms are ready to be moved into also at BB2 & as I say today we procrastinate no further with the pool. Pool people! Place that pool!

Monday 23rd January 2012-e

Over the past few days Big Blue Tech has been involved in a reef clean-up project. Our 2 premier dive sites here on Koh Tao had fishing nets reportedly on them ranging from 35m to 18m which were causing not only a detriment to divers visiting the dive sites but also were trapping the marine life. We took this opportunity to include in the project the chance for our BSAC dive leader intern, Bryan to conduct his 1st planning and execution as dive manager. He planned and organised everything for the whole team including bottom teams and safety divers all with their own plans and objectives from the dives. This worked really well and I'm sure everyone involved would agree Bry did a brilliant job with both days. As this kind of project requires a certain knowledge level and expertise from a number of different sources we had a technical dive team (Cav & James) who were conducting the bottom/working phase of the dives, this meant that these guys could run into decompression if necessary and things would all be fine as everything was planned much deeper and longer than the actual depths. We also had a fish and marine expert (Emma), she was heavily involved in the organising of the actual trip and the person who was to brief all divers on dangerous and delicate marine life that was or may be caught in these nets. Also as with any project we couldn't have done this without the shallow support divers (Jason, Chris, Sarah & Rachel) and our fantastic surface cover guys (Nick, Stina & Sarah) who are simply there for the safety of the underwater teams, this requires great concentration and organisation to check everyone in and out of the water and make sure all limits were adhered to with respect to time and depth. The team managed to pull lots of fishing net off the pinnacles and save lots of the marine life that was entangled within them. Unfortunately there was a lot of dead fish that had been trapped for a number of days prior to us getting there which is a little upsetting. Now these nets are removed and everything is back to normal on these tropical paradise reef environments, the visibility is improving and the dive sites are ready and waiting for divers to come exploring. Congratulations to all divers involved in this project and thank you for giving your time and efforts.

“BIG on fun, deep BLUE waters, amazing DIVING”, BIG BLUE HAS IT ALL. To start, welcoming friendly staff whos passion for diving clearly showed when they spoke to you, Great resort with resturant a must is the bbq with a cold beer, DIVING IS A MUST, your mind is put to rest from your dive instructor whos great advise, knowlege and the fact that your having fun while learning was a big help. Once you have sorted your equipment, got your final breafing its to the boat, again great staff to asist you and with the bonus of drinks and fruit on board. Then to practise all that you have learnt. With my open water and advance tickets the ocean does'nt seam like such a big place after all.............Much love and thankyou big blue" Trip Advisor 5 of 5 stars

Sail Rock is one of the best dive sites in the area. It’s a big granite pinnacle that breaks the surface half way between Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Samui and as there are no other rocks around it acts as a congregation point for all the fish in the surrounding area. The pinnacle drops down to 30 metres in the sand and is typically dived in a circular route around the rock, spiraling slowly shallower. If currents are strong however, divemasters will guide customers around the sheltered areas, avoiding hard finning in the currents. There are other outer rocks a little deeper that can be seen from the main pinnacle and are home to reef sharks. On a clear day, with light filtering down into the crystal blue water, the granite boulder looks stunning. Enormous schools of trevally are all over the dive site and they energetically harass the smaller fish which bunch together and move as one for protection from these darting raids. The always-friendly longfin batfish are also often present in great numbers. They may follow divers and curiously peer into your mask, seemingly as interested in you as you are in them. They make wonderful photographic subjects. Whale sharks occasionally cruise by too, especially between February and October, as do other pelagic fish. Always keep an eye on the big blue! Sail Rock is best known for its chimney, a large swim-through that is entered at around 20 metres and can be exited in 2 places, first at around 10 metres or shallower at around 5 metres deep. The chimney's cavern-like area is a haven for all sorts of fish life like schools of glassfish that appear to block your exit, only to part at the last second to reveal the holes. Hingebeak and boxer shrimps inhabit the coral wall. The latter can sometimes be seen cleaning a moray eel's teeth and, with patience, a lucky diver could get a free manicure if they leave their hand still for long enough. Scorpionfish are well camouflaged on Sail Rock's wall so care with buoyancy is required when exiting the chimney. The hole at 10 metres is quite tight so most divers carry on up to the 5 metre exit and are rewarded by a blanket of anemones on the outer side.

Sunday 22nd Janury 2012-f

Chumphon Pinnacle is proably Koh Tao's best divesite as it offers a myriad of differing marine life from the smallest Durban shrimp to the largest Whaleshark! Its where most of our students who are undergoing their Open Water Training License first see scuba diving for what it is. A fantastic peak into a totally mystical world. It's you where they first realise that this is what all the fuss is about! & for those of you who are going to be diving Chumphon Pinnacle over the next few weeks its also where you will get a chance to dive with the most legendary underwater creature of them all. The Shark! Blacktip Reef sharks, Bull Sharks, & Grey Reef Sharks, all flock to Chumphon every January & February. Do you want to dive with sharks? Better come & see us then!

“Thank you Big Blue Diving, you really did make my holiday in Koh Tao”- We decided to go with Big Blue Diving by chance really, after looking at their website we decided just to go with them. I bought the Lonely Planet book a week before I visited Thailand and was comforted by the fact that they had recommend Big Blue Diving too. A quick summary, they have a friendly highly trained group of diving instructors that you can have the utmost faith in particularly if you're new to diving (which I was!) and the organisation of the diving operation is second to none, both in the water and out of the water when doing your theory and exam etc. They are perfectly located by the all the main shops, restaurants and hotels and their own restaurant and bar is great (PS. the BBQ kebabs are to die for!!) Our instructor was Luke, who taught a diverse group from couples, singles and father/sons. Luke was friendly, funny and had a relaxed teaching style that put everyone at ease but at the same time was professional and knowledgeable at all times. The confidence that Luke gave me allowed me to do Open Water Dives in Koh Phi Phi a week later! PLEASE GIVE LUKE A PAY RISE!!! Trip Advisor 5 of 5 stars Reviewed January 15, 2012

Well time is ticking on & I'm still looking for staff! I need 2 shopgirls who can meet & greet guests check people in & out of their rooms, take money, answer phones & emails & deal with the endless questions we get asked everyday in a friendly & patient & informative manner. Must be able to work in Microsoft Excel, & happy to work 6 days a week in an air conditioned office on the beach. English essential, Thai a plus. Salary relative to experience. All applicants please send CV with photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are in Koh Tao already then hurry the flap up & pop by Big Blue Resort & see me in person. Interviews start as soon as I've finished... typing... this... sen...tence! Fullstop. Exclammation mark!
Saturday 21st January 2012-g

Colombia and Costa Rica have agreed to create a joint taskforce to combat illegal fishing and shark finning. The announcement was made by the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry, two days after five Costa Rican fishermen were detained for illegal fishing in the UNESCO protected Malpelo National Park, inside Colombia's water borders. Colombian officials visited the Costa Rican capital San Jose on Thursday to thrash out details of the two-pronged effort. Shark finning is the practice of cutting off sharks' fins, after which the fish are normally left to die in the water. The fins are sold to the Asian market, where they are considered a delicacy and cost up $350 per lb. Colombian Ambassador to Costa Rica Hernando Herrera said that from now on the two countries will "dramatically strengthen mechanisms which exist to prosecute those who engage in illegal acts." The move comes two months after the Colombian government denounced the killing of 2,000 sharks in Colombian waters by Costa Rican fishermen, an incident shortly followed by the detention of an Ecuadorian ship carrying over 660lbs of illegally caught sharks and other marine life.

And out of nowhere the heavens opened & pissed down upon this town! But not to worry. The sun is shining again & the topless sunbathers are back out! Always a sign that the good times are back! So its sunshine, flat seas, great visibility, blood red sunsets, pizza's on the beach, exposed breasts & Full Day trips to Sail Rock! Could there be any better reasons for choosing Big Blue as the number one Dive Resort to stay at on Koh Tao?

" Hello Jim,
here we are back in France after our 9-day stay in KT and 2 days in BKK (....!!! ???......) We had a great time on the island, and would like to thank you for sorting out our accommodation problems when we arrived. Could you also thank Emma and Jason for being so patient and reassuring with us : Catherine started the course completely terrified by the idea of scuba diving and being exposed to all the risks attached, and took a lot of persuading to carry on till the end of the course. The penultimate dive at Chumpon Pinnacle was pretty daunting because of the waves and the surface current : Emma and Jason did very well keeping everybody together before we went down. By the last dive, Catherine was completely at ease, and I'm pleased to be able to go diving with her in the future (probably Malta this summer). I won't keep you any longer, you must be a very busy man with two BBs to run now ! Our warm regards to Andrea." - Tony and Catherine Marsh.

Tuesday 17th January 2012-h

Well it is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Meow our cashier in our restaurant for the last couple of years. She passed away at 5.20 on Monday morning having been evacuated from Koh Tao after becoming unconscious after sufferring what we beleive to have been a severe blood infection. We've all been deeply saddened by this extremely unexpected piece of news & our hearts go out to her 10 year old daughter May & her husband P' Lan. Our thoughts are with you Meow & your family. "I'll have my usual big cup of coffee with sweet milk & a tequila please Meow!"

" Hello, I did my open water course at the end of November at Big blue diving. I wanted to tell that I loved it. Felix was my instructor and he is so good at what he's doing. He helped us being confortable under water without pressuring us, transmitted me his passion and was always very calm and under control what was very reassuring as I knew he would alwyas be there if any problems would happen. If i go again to have my advance course i wouldlike him to be my instructor again. I loved the relax and casual ambiance of Big blue. It was a very good place to be in Koh tao. Emma and Dave who were doing their dive masters were also so helpfull and present. I considered myself lucky to have them in my group. Thank you so much in particular to Felix. P. Nolet. Québec, Canada"

Soft opening for Big Blue 2 Restauarnt this morning. Open up with out telling anyone, no signage etc & just have walk in customers walking along the beach looking for somewhere to have breakfast. Get the teething problems out of the way before  we get the ball rolling with our massive opening ceremony when we open up for real with a fanfare of trumpets, glitteratti & high class call girls!

Sunday 15th January 2012-
This week I will be ordering our new Big Blue Tech dive computers, as Thailand dealer for the market leading Liquivision X1 this will be our standard school dive computer for Big Blue Tech from January onwards. If you would like to place an order for one of these fantastic must have pieces of dive kit or would like to come and have a dive with one prior to buying please drop me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our stock order will be going in on Monday the 16th of January so get your order in to get your shiny new full trimix, O/C, C/C dive computer.

“BIG on fun, deep BLUE waters, amazing DIVING”
BIG BLUE HAS IT ALL. To start welcoming friendly staff whos passion for diving clearly showed when they spoke to you, Great resort with resturant a must is the bbq with a cold beer, DIVING IS A MUST, your mind is put to rest from your dive instructor whos great advise, knowlege and the fact that your having fun while learning was a big help. Once you have sorted your equipment, got your final breafing its to the boat, again great staff to asist you and with the bonus of drinks and fruit on board. Then to practise all that you have learnt. With my open water and advance tickets the ocean does'nt seam like such a big place after all.............Much love and thankyou big blue. Trip Advisor 5 of 5 stars

Well for those of you here right now it has in all honesty been a very disappointing weekend weather wise! We've had an awful lot of rain, the waves have been quite big & the vis did get somewhat reduced yesterday. However for those of you arriving here this week the good news is that the forecast is for a big improvement with heaps of sun, flat seas & that will bring about a clearing in visibility & then a plethora of travelling pelagics! Wouldn't be at all surprised if we see a Whaleshark or 2 this week!

Thursday 12th January 2012-j

Only 3 or 4 days left & we open our new restaurant on Sairee beach at our New Resort imaginatively christened Big Blue Two! Its the talk of the island & we're getting all sorts of people popping over to see if we have any jobs available for them! Its very flatterring as it seems everyone on Koh Tao wants to work for Big Blue right now. & why the hell shouldn't they. Its got to be one of the best places to enjoy Koh Tao these days. Sorry one of 2 of the best places to enjoy Koh Tao! Big Blue Diving Resort & Big Blue Two. Your number choice for diver accommodation on Koh Tao.

The Florida Sun Sentinel reports… "Rosie O’Donnell and her family caught huge hammerhead sharks in fishing trips off the South Florida coast. Now environmentalists (are) irate at the killing of ocean predators that are considered overfished around the globe. “Right now sharks are the most endangered animals around,” said Erik Brush, a Sarasota marine conservationist. “This is basically an endorsement. It sends the message that it’s an OK activity. And this is not an activity that we want celebrities endorsing.” As for O’Donnell’s reaction to the controversy: “She’s amused by it.”- Now I'm only vaguely aware of who Rosie O'Donnell is but I'm pretty sure she'd look better with a gaff through her head hanging off a hook!

Highlight of our Thai trip” -
We had a fantastic experience with Big Blue: a highlight of our trip to Thailand. We hadn't booked (or dived before) and were lucky to go straight onto open water course within a small group. Our instructor was brilliant and put us completely at ease immersing into the new underwater world of skills and fishes, genuinely helping the group to bond and to get the best out of our dives. Loved it so much we stayed for the advanced course too.
BB's resort / beach front bar and restaurant serve good food; also music, bbq and fire-shows most nights. V friendly and helpful staff all round. Reasonable accommodation is available at BB for all budgets, 'out of town' bunkhouse 5 mins up the beach recommended if you're a light sleeper. Overall, A +++++++ Trip Advisor- 5 of 5 stars
Wednesday 11th January 2012-
Who hasn’t dreamed of traveling the world and getting paid for it? Meet 1 person who has turned the dream into reality.
Name: Theresa Kaplan, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
Occupation: PADI diving specialist and communications manager
Coolness factor: “My job allows me to travel often and scuba dive in some of the most serene and beautiful locations. Because I oversee the PADI Diving Society, I join in on exclusive diving trips. This year, we traveled to Curacao for a seven-day trip of diving, meeting new people and having fun. In past years, I have had the opportunity to dive in Grand Cayman, Fiji, Bonaire and more.”
Over-the-top experience: Diving or snorkeling with whale sharks, animals that are larger than a school bus.
How can I do it? “Anyone can become a [Professional Association of Diving Instructors] professional, so long as he or she completes their certification and the appropriate advanced-level courses. To start, visit and sign up for your PADI course. After completing the online course, one must complete a number of confined water dives followed by open water dives under the guidance of a PADI instructor.” Start your dream today!

The Big Blue Tech opening party was a complete success, thanks to all who came along and supported us, a big thank you to Phoenix and Siam for coming and taking part in a very entertaining beach olympics. We are pleased to be able to say all the very kind people who entered our raffle draws. We raised a total of 10,000thb for save Koh Tao, the island charity here on Koh Tao. We have chosen the school children project for our donation. This is teaching kids in the island school to dive from an early age, and also educating them about sustainability and the ecosystems within the reef environment around the island. The idea of this is to make future divers more aware of good practices and make them much more environmentally aware.

Thank you Jason Thorburn, Rich, Anke & Kevin for doing a great job yesterday monitoring our coral nursery and Sairee Reef for us at Big Blue Conservation! The nursery is looking great and our resident batfish family is growing. We will go back for another check very soon, and you are all more than welcome to come along and help out! Contact Emma for a good time!
Saturday January 7th 2012-l

So what does 2012 have in store for Big Blue Diving this year. Well its going to be a big year in the history of Big Blue. Quite possibly our biggest year yet! First off we are launching Maya boat as the the number one vessel in Koh Tao for Fundivers! How? Well Maya will only take 1 hour to get to Sail Rock, which is twice as quick as any other boat on Koh Tao & we will also be starting Full Day trips to the as yet relatively unexplored Chumphon Marine Park ( great viz, no fishing. heaps of turtles & whalesharks). As well as Full Day Trips to the world famous Ang Thong Marine Park, where Alex Garland based his best selling book The Beach! So if you are already a certified diver & want to dive the best sites in the Gulf of Thailand then contact Big Blue Diving. Koh Tao's leading dive center for certified divers.

Second big thing for Big Blue Diving this year is growth! We realize over the last couple of years that we have actually grown from a relatively medium sized center to one of Koh Tao's largest. And of course it makes no sense for a business to be turning away customers so we have gone & rented ourselves another resort here on Sairee Beach, about 200 meters up the beach! Here we have 16 AC bungalows, 7 dorms, 7 rooms with 3 beds & 7 rooms with double beds all in a 3 storey building & with a swimming pool! We have a classroom there, an equipment room as well & a restaurant & bar right on the beach. The restaurant will be run by one of Koh Tao's most successful restaurants namely, Farango's, Porto Bello's & Coffee Corner for those of you who know Koh Tao already. We are sooo excited about this new project & can't wait till the 15th Jan when we open up the restaurant & then beginning of Feb when we'll have all the rooms ready aswell. Word of warning this place is going to be extremely popular so get in quick!

So all in all a very exciting year ahead for us. With our existing resort comprising of 5 Dorms, 5 AC private rooms, 5 beach bungalows, 16 fan rooms, a restaurant & bar, the dive shop, 2 classrooms, Big Blue Tech Diving, 3 transport boats, 4 Dive vessels, one house reef, plus our 16 room AC guesthouse at Preewa, our 3 private swimming pool villas at Baan Sawainam, & now this new resort as well Oh yeah & don't forget our PADI Dive Resort, our SSI Platinum Center, our BSAC Center of Excellence rating, & TDI & SDI ratings. Plus our pool of 20 dual certifying Instructors. I beleive Big Blue Diving could just be, probably, the best Dive Center & Resort not only on Koh Tao but Thailand wide! Shame all those Instructors who got us where we are today left last year!
Wednesday January 4th 2012- m

Home sweet home! Back at last after galavanting round the European Alps & the South of Germany in search of Santa! & now I'm back in the real world! So whats been happening while I've been gone? Well a compressor broke, we damaged someone's personal BCD, we fixed the compressor, we replaced the BCD, Anna left, Bye Anna, Med left, Bye Med. Med came back. welcome back Med. Santa was here for Christmas. Simon got Tea bagged! Kelly got Skuiied! Heaps of diving. 3 whalesharks. 1 dead reef shark?! 1 baby! Congratulations Tosh & Vicky! 1 destroyed accounts office. 1 still in the stages of being refurbished into a brand new accounts office. 1 disasterous attempt at channelling Sairee Villages waste water. 2 holes in 1 boat. 1 pimped up Banzai boat, the Rebirth of Cool - Big Blue Techies are back! & 1 brand new Resort! Cheers Rozza!

2011- has been one incredible year especially for Big Blue Conservation who would like to thank you all for getting involved, helping out and making sure that Koh Tao stays green and clean! So let us just say one huge thank you to all our volunteers and to all Big Blue guests for choosing to stay and dive with Big Blue, one of Koh Tao's most eco-friendly resorts. Also a big thank you to Save Koh Tao and fellow eco teams on Koh Tao. We would like to wish you all a very happy new year, see you all in 2012 when there will be even more opportunities for you all to do something good for our paradise island!

Weather report! Well it seems monsoon came a bit late this year so its still a little choppy out there at the moment but its completely flat calm here on Sairee beach so here is a great place to be. We've had quite a bit of rain over the last few days but the forecast says that that is all clearing now & that we should be tropically sunburnt this time tomorrow!

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Sunday 30th January 2011-a

And again! Man if Scuba Diving was a game of poker we'd have a Full Texas Djin Rummy Hold Em House Flush! Sailfish at Twins yesterday! Less than 3 meters long but bigger then 2 meters & fast as feck! Quickest fish in the sea clocking speeds of over 100 km per hour. The sail is normally kept folded down and to the side when swimming, but gets raised when the sailfish feels threatened or excited, making the fish appear much larger than it actually is. This tactic has also been observed during feeding, when a group of sailfish use their sails to "herd" a school of fish or squid.  They can appear in a startling array of colors, from subdued browns and grays to vibrant purples and even silver. Their body colors are often highlighted by stripes of iridescent blue and silver dots. Sailfish can change their colors almost instantly; a change controlled by their nervous system. The sailfish can rapidly turn its body light blue with yellowish stripes when excited, confusing its prey and making capture easier, while signaling its intentions to fellow sailfish. So whalesharks, bullsharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Marlins, & Brydes Whales. Not bad for January!

Did you know one million plastic bags are used every minute of the day and almost three millions tonnes of plastic are used to bottle water globally each year? Would it surprise you that 80% of all marine debris is plastic? In some areas of the ocean, plastic outweighs plankton 6:1, and on Koh Tao, 3 turtles were killed last year from ingesting plastic bags. So a massive thanks to everyone that helped out at the beach and underwater clean up event yesterday, Koh Nang Yuan is now a cleaner paradise. We had a whopping 52 people participate in our monthly clean up this month, and with 6 million tonnes of debris entering the oceans each year, we needed each one of them. So a big thank you to all who helped out.And a big thank you from The Eco Gods too!

Word of warning travellers who are on your way here over the next few days. Its turned a little choppy! Not quite sure why. The sun is out, the sky is blue, the viz is great, there's no rain but there are quite big waves! So take your seasickness pills, neck your valiums & sleep! Oh yeah & biggest tip of all! Come by Seatran Ferry not Lomprayah Catamaran. Seatran gives you white  bags to throw up in. Lomprayah gives you sea thru bags to examine your breakfast with!

 Thursday 27th January 2011-
And our reputation for being one of the best dive shops in the world to dive with continues! This morning a Whale shark! Another one. That makes 5 this month! That's more than 1 a week! Add that to our tally of 4 Brydes Whales I'd say we've had a pretty good month! So congratulations all those who lost their Whaleshark virginity this morning. By that I mean all those who have never seen a whaleshark before seeing one today! Not losing their virginity to a whaleshark! That would just be silly. And a bit gross!

SSI Simon is gearing himself up for next weeks mammoth SSI Instructor Training Course with 4 candidates all off whom will also be gearing themselves up for their Instructor Training Course with SSI Simon! 10 days of learning how to teach, control, demonstrate, assess, anticipate & develop their Scuba skills to such an extent that they'll be able to teach their butties off! Their little SSI Butties!

Having a massive influx of bookings for our zero to hero Dive Instructor Internships. Over 7 months you do your Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, 2 months of Divemaster training, then get as much dive experience as possible become an Assistant Instructor then a PADI Instructor, an SSI Instructor & at some point during this whole process become an underwater videographer as well. Included in the package you get 7 months accommodation & a full set of your own dive equipment! And after all this fun you'll then be a fully trained diving professional & we will guarantee you a job somewhere in the world in the dive industry. So anyone else fancy a change in lifestyle? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a good time!

Tuesday 25th January 2011-c

Big Blue Diving proudly presents Koh Tao's newest & probably best boat with the MV Naga, a beautiful wooden Turkish built Sailing & Diving boat with 8 luxury cabins which will be cruising all the best sites in the Gulf of Thailand from Chumphon Pinnacle to Sail Rock, & overnight trips to the Angthong Marine Park or the Chumphon Marine Park! Right now its parked right outside Big Blue here on Sairee Beach & looks really quite spectacular. So in addition to our fleet of 3 boats we are now adding the Naga to our list of things to do on Koh Tao. Not just diving this boat also offers sailing trips around the island & sunset cruises, dinner cruises & private parties. With overnight trips starting at just under 10000 bt this boat is really offerring trips no one else on the island offers. Just another reason to choose Big Blue as the islands best, most original, highly versatile dive shop to spend your holiday with on Koh Tao!

Students at Big Blue are exchanging their BCDs for lab coats and their masks for lab goggles today as they get stuck in to some science! We are collecting samples of algae from corals to investigate the impact of the bleaching last year on symbiotic algae communities. Sound interesting? Come to learn to dive with Big Blue and you could help study the wonderful underwater world with Big Blue Conservation (lab coats not provided).

Confusion and anger rippled through the Phuket and Andaman diving communities recently in the wake of a hasty government decision to close many prime popular diving sites in seven marine parks. The logic behind the closures eludes the dive companies, who do not see themselves as being responsible for the natural phenomenon of coral bleaching. Many are now concerned that the ban on diving at 18 key sites in the seven marine parks – six along the Andaman coast – will simply lead to overcrowding at other popular spots that are in some cases outside marine parks. Coral reefs off Phuket are popular but not included in the marine parks, so pressure is likely to grow at these sites to the point where some dive industry people believe they could be quickly destroyed. Ho hum. 3 steps forward 2 steps back. Amazing Thailand :)

Sunday 23rd January 2011-
When you're hot you're hot! & right now Big Blue is on fire! This must be one of our most successful months for Marine Life encounters with numerous dives with turtles, Whalesharks, Bull Sharks, python snakes, marlins & then yesterday morning on a routine morning trip to South West Pinnacle we snorkeled with a family of 4 Brydes Whales the largest measuring up to 12 meters in size! So congratulations all our Open Water Students who wisely opted to pay the 9000 Bt for their course rather than do the cheaper priced courses they were being offered on their way over to Koh Tao. You got to dive with Brydes Whales. I hear those bargain hunters did 4 dives off Sairee Beach & 1 dive in the pool! Didn't get on a boat once all course & didn't dive deeper than 10 meters all week! Serves them right for being cheapskates! Serves our divers right for knowing a quality Dive outfit when they see one!

Not the sunniest day I've ever know in Thailand! Don't know quite what happened but today is an atrocious day! Absolutely pouring down! Great for the island & our ever depleting water reserves, terrible for all those who traveled down from Bangkok in their singlets! Well terrible for the girls. Great for the guys! If you catch my meaning. Wink wink nudge nudge!

Just thought you should know, that if you are on your way to Koh Tao in the upcoming few days you should most definitely consider booking ahead. Absolutely no rooms at all last night on Sairee Beach & despite the weather doesn't look like there's been too many check outs this morning either. All our usual affiliate resorts are all full, we are pretty much all full & by the sounds of it its not just Sairee Beach that is chock a block! Chalok Baan Kao is too! Chalok-a-block! Brilliant!

Wednesday 20th January 2011-e

Hi Jim, I just wanted to send a quick note to you and ask you pass on my massive thank you to your team. I have just returned from 2 weeks on Koh Tao where I was simply fully immersed in the 'Big Blue' dive school experience. It is quite simply the best trip I have had in a very long time. I just wanted to thank you and all of the team, from my Dive instructor Nick [Legend] to my 2nd instructor [when I tagged on some dives with some friends he was teaching]... Dan....they were both top top guys. Right through to the DMTs [which I might become early next year] and all the staff in the shop and restaurant and equipment room etc.... I am a massive fan and I know I will now dive for the rest of my life thanks to the team at big blue. I know you guys are busy but if you can pass on this thanks I would much appreciate it. See you all in the future. Have a great year. Jarrod.

Big Blue Tech is honored to win 2 awards this year from TDI/SDI (Technical Diving International - Scuba Diving International) in recognition of our success in issuing the most certifications. Last year Canada won the award for the highest number of certifications in 2009. & this year he's gone & done it again! The second And the second award we won is for being the largest TDI & SDI certifying Dive Center which is a new award for us this year as anohter dive shop won it in 2009.  The success illustrated by these awards shows the continued return of our students and the enjoyed experience new students have to stay with us and progress through the levels of diving we have to offer. Along with our strong business practices, safe diving practices and a good group of instructors and staff we hope our reputation is matched by the image these awards represent. And if this month is any indication we hope to get two more again next year!

Its another exciting Full Day Trip to Sail Rock tomorrow. Departing from Koh Tao at 7am we cruise off for a 2 hour jolly to the number 1 divesite in the Gulf of Thailand with a nice cooked breakfast on the way. Then its a deep dive followed by morning tea then a second dive venturing off to Sail rocks secret pinnacle... sssshhhh.... then we're off again in search of the elusive Samran Pinnacle, seldom dived as there's no mooring line or descent line. We'll have a spot of lunch on the way. An exquisite Thai buffet with possibly the worlds best Massaman Curry chicken. And once we've done all that its beers & chocolate cake all the way back to Koh Tao. Thats what we're doing tomorrow. What are you doing?

Tuesday 18th January 2011-
Off to dive the Trident ship wreck today just south of Shark island for an awesome 30 meter deep wreck dive on the legendary Tech Diving liveaboard. Koh Tao has only 1 proper wreck but it appears we are about to get another! The Department of Coastal resource management have now given their approval for the sinking of a retired Naval vessel 49 meters long 7 meters wide & 18 meters high here in Koh Tao somewhere just north of Nang Yuan Island. That is (pardon my Irish) firkin awesome! Can't wait. Apparently its going to be towed here & sunk sometime in July. Just in time for high season. How thoughtful!

Its the first Full Moon Party of the year tonight & pretty much like every Full Moon party its going to be very big with literally thousands of face painted party people bopping to the sounds of techno techno techno techno! Totally not my cup of tea but then again I am a Duran Duran fan! Anyhow with that many people travelling on to Koh Tao in the days that follow its going to be another week of room chaos with people who haven't booked anything traipsing up & down the beach eventually paying way more than they'd planned for a bungalow they'd normally not choose to stay in but stay in anyway as there aint no choice! If you want my advice... Plan ahead, book a bed!

Ooh dear. Better go there now before they close the place! The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources is seeking the closure of two diving paradises, the Similan and Surin national parks after the coral there was found suffering from bleaching. The scope of the corals destroyed from the bleaching has been wide and unless proper measures are issued, more coral would be destroyed by the phenomenon. "The damage found on the coral for now is vast, probably the worst in history and certainly more than when The tsunami hit this area in 2004. The species affected are the Staghorn, Ring, Double Star and Mountain coral." A request to the National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation Department to close parts of Similan and Surin National Parks has been submitted to prevent any further damage to the coral. A cause of the coral bleaching is the rising temperature of the sea water, which has reached 30 Celsius since the middle of last year. Better book your Liveaboard trip now or you might not be able to go next year!

Monday 17th January 2011-
Hi Jim, I just stayed with Big Blue for the past week and had a wonderful time. Everyone we met was friendly and inviting. While there, I had the chance to do 7 fun dives and enjoyed every minute. Your DMs and those in training are some of the best I have seen. I wanted to rave on one in particular. I had the chance to dive 3 times with Angel. He is a wonderful guide and was able to find so many things of interest under the sea. I was also very impressed with his navigation abilities and ease in the water. He made me feel comfortable and made each dive a new experience. He is very professional and caters to each divers ability. I also had the opportunity to dive with Megan, James (or Jizz), Jamie and Steven. Really enjoyed each dive and wanted to say again thank you for a wonderful week in koh Tao. Hope to come back soon!! Jordan L.

An underwater cameraman has had a whale of a time while filming off the coast of Tonga. Roger Munns was in Toku - a region of sheltered bays and inlets on the isolated Pacific Ocean island - in the hope of catching on film the mating rituals of giant humpback whales. But while he was able to observe plenty of bulls competing with each other to win a mate, the star of Roger's production turned out not to be one of the fully-grown, 45ft gentle giants. For while the heavyweight males were obviously too pre-occupied with their own love match, an inquisitive calf approached the cameraman looking for a playmate - and spent the next hour posing before the lens. Roger, from Cornwall, said: 'I've heard about calves doing this but I was not prepared for the playful nature at all. 'He seemed to scamper towards us like a giant excited pony and wanted to play tag like a little puppy. I couldn't help but laugh as the calf kept bumping into me with an extremely naughty glint in its eye, but it was clearly in the name of fun. 'Up close you suddenly realised just how big it actually was. The games continued for an hour and I have to admit it was probably one of the most enjoyable hours I have spent in the water.'

Just in case there's anyone out there reading this & wondering if there's any chance of gainful employment in the dive industry here's an email I got this morning from an old friend of mine. "Luxury boutique resort in the Northeast part of Fiji is looking for a PADI Instructor to fill a management role within our dive shop. The ideal candidate must be a Nitrox Instructor and preferably a Gas Blender with several years experience, including management. Equipment and compressor servicing experience is a plus. Current renewal and insurance is required. The Instructor will be part of a three person team in our PADI 5 Star Dive Resort, providing safe and personalized service to our guests. Our resort is located in a remote location, so we require a mature, responsible and personable individual to live on-site and maintain the excellent reputation of our already successful team. Please send your c.v. only if you meet the above requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

Sunday 9th January 2011-h

We are launching what I'm sure will be everyones favourite competition of the year. Koh Tao's best Bikini. As I'm sure you can imagine one of the hardest things about being a Dive Instructor on a tropical island is having to handle all those bikinis! Us poor chaps get nothing but eye strain having to look at the ladies in bikinis all day long. Last years winner was the Brazillian dental floss as modelled by various fun divers from Germany Italy & Spain. This year we'll be looking for originality. Something you can really wrap your hands around!

In this time of economic misery financial depression & unemployment woes how nice is it to see so many jobs in the diving industry available. & isn't it even nicer to be able to get jobs for our extremely well trained Divemasters who are on the job market not just anywhere but here in Koh Tao. Congratulations Autumn. Great mind body & soul & not a bad DM either! Well done on your new job.

"Hey Jim, Just wanted to drop you a quick line about the recent Stress & Rescue course I did at Big Blue. I'd like to extend my thanks to the team and especially Serena for the time & effort - it was well worth every cent spent. I particularly (post) enjoyed the duress I was put under. I have done different specialities & dives across the globe with different instructors and would like to point out that whilst Serena, as an instructor, was attentive, responsive, and extremely empathetic (or perhaps that was her very friendly nature), she particuarly came across as very clever in how she approached the various scenarious we performed. I have made strong friendships with various instructors and dive masters throughout my time, but I, personally, have only observed the level of the last mentioned skill once before (by a 'drill-seargeant'-esque instructor back home, that observed my open water - who had 10,000+ dives..) Felt the need to give credit where it was due. Anyhow - I am more than likely to come back to explore deep diving with Big Blue if the opportunity arises and would be glad to paired up with Serena. All the best, David." Thanks Dave. I shall be sure to let Serena know how much you enjoyed rescuing her! See you next time!

Saturday 8th January 2011-
Happy Belated New Year to everyone who reads our Big Blue Blog ( thanks Mum & Dad). I had every intention of writing in an entry for every day of the year 2011 but that New Years resolution went straight out the window when I took New Years day off! & since then Big Blue has been busier than a Free Cheeseburger Party for American teens! Made all the busier by a noticeable absence of Instructors. Heather, Dan & Kelli all got ill. Jodie, Jenn & now Helen are all in the UK, & Emily is bronzing herself up in the tanning saloons in Bangkok! Its a tough life the world of a Scuba Instructor!

The Bullsharks are back! Fantastic news as with the extremely warm sea temperatures this year and lack of small fish, we had small hopes of seeing them this year. It's good to see the water quality improving and the larger life returning with it, but of course we want to keep it that way, so have a read below how to dive best with sharks and enjoy the experience more:
1. Sharks are a rare species to see on Koh Tao, however baiting or attracting sharks with bottles can lead to unnatural behaviour by the sharks. Some sharks are curious and will approach divers, but some can come too close, particular if they associated divers with food. 2. Stay in a vertical position - not many organisms swim in the ocean in a verticle position, and so a shark will not confuse you with food. 3. Stay calm - erratic movements may provoke defence behaviours. If your calm, sharks will be more calm and your dive will be much more enjoyable. 4. Learn about sharks and respect them. They are fascinating apex predators, some of the oldest organisms on the planet, and they deserve our respect. Enjoy your dive with sharks - you won't regret it!

How's this for a great start to 2011. 8 days in to the New Year & we've had 1 whale sighting at Southwest, 2 Full Day trips to Sail Rock, 3 newly refurbished Dive boats, 4 days diving with Whalesharks, 5 turtles, 6 new Divemasters in Training & 7 sick, or absent Instructors! If we keep this up for another 5 days I could see making this into a song!

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Tuesday, 07 May 2013 14:06

Friday 27th August 2010-f

Beccy & Emily recently stripped down to their drawers to represent Big Blue at the Koh Tao Bikini fashion show. All the boys turned up to check out the local curves & all the girls came to see whats hot & whats not for this coming seasons aqua apparel. Happy to say both of our Big Blue Instructors looked ravishing in their skimpies & we had a bumper pack of new sign ups the next day when the girls were on ' Meet & Greet'. Great for business! I wonder if we'll have the same effect at next weeks Y-Fronts fashion show with Hal & Swapey?

A NEW way to study dolphins and whales without dart guns undercuts Japan's argument for what it calls scientific whaling, scientists say. The "blow-sampling" method, developed by Australian scientists, allows scientists to gather crucial DNA information without potentially harming the animal, discrediting Japanese arguments that a whale needs to be killed. Celine Frere, from the University of Queensland, headed the study. "Maybe this will make them realise they don't have to kill the whale to get the information," Dr Frere said. Marine animal researchers have relied on gathering the animal's DNA by shooting a dart into the skin of the mammal to gather tissue samples. Blow-sampling captures the air and the equivalent of spit expelled from the animal when they come up for air. Hmmm. Now lets see what arguments they can come up with for continuously murdering whales shall we.

After the tremendous succes of yesterdays trip with the Navy boys to our secret wreck this morning we're off to dive the Unicorn wreck. The Unicorn sank around 1989. Local Koh Tao inhabitants said that the ship just pulled up off shore, around a mile North of Koh Tao 'Mango Bay' and over the next couple of hours slowly sank. No-one was hurt in the sinking. An Insurance Fraud was immediately suspected. A commercial Diving company was hired by the vessels insurance investigators to investigate the cause of the sinking and to confirm the cargo. which was listed as expensive Tuna Fish. Under armed guard, Divers descended to examine the wreck, and discovered that the holds contained nothing but low-grade animal Feed (Dog-Food) un-fit for human consumption, NOT expensive Tuna fish as listed on the manifest! The Unicorn is a large modern 1960-70's, 60meter long steel freighter lying stern down on the bottom at a depth of 50m. The vessel leans slightly on its port side an angle of 60degrees(Not shown correctly on the sketch) with the top of the bow at 38meters, and the keel of the bow area several meters above the seabed, allowing divers to swim under this area of the hull. Lots of penetration available for technical divers highly experienced in diving in conditions where a total silt-out may occur. Good job we're diving with the Navy boys!

Thursday 26th August 2010-g

Apologies for the tardiness of updating the Big Blue Blog but its been a very hectic week for me this week as I've now taken the Missus up to Bangers for the imminent arrival of our little one. The good Mrs Donaldson is sitting in a nice hotel in Bangkok ready to drop though hopefully not for at least another week as Jim is back on the Rock bracing himself & the staff for the busiest week of the year! The August Full Moon Party rush! If you haven't booked yourselves a room already then there aint no point in coming to Tao unless you fancy a night under the stars! Having said that because we are that organised we have booked up heaps of rooms already just to make sure we have somewhere for you to stay & do your dive course with us. But book now these rooms might just be the last rooms available on Sairee Beach this week! Look forward to hearing from you soon! & darling... hold it in! I'll be there shortly!

Oh dear! Well & truly rumbled! Roz, Roz, Roz, Roz, Roz! Last seen leaving the island with a neckerchief to hide all the hickies around her neck & on her way to Blightey for a short holiday! What are her parents going to think when Roz unveils the sordid marks of her last night of passion on the Rock. Jason you animal! Roz you tease! What a pair! Aren't we all sooooo glad we got a snap to remind us of what a lovely couple they make. Looks like Jason was a little hungry there Roz! Practically swallowed your face off!

Phenomenal diving right now! Beautiful sunny skies & at least 20 meter viz at most sites. Sail Rock is as good as its ever been. Chumphon had a Whaleshark there a couple of days ago. Our first one in ages. & the Thai Navy are diving with us today to check out our Big Blue wreck of which we are the only shop to know the co ordinates of. Clear water, sunny skies, Whalesharks, Navy boys, hidden wrecks & a Roz romance. Sounds like the perfect back drop for a great holiday!

Wednesday 18th August 2010-
Hats off to Erik & Beccy who today saved the life of an abandoned dog! Stupid 19 year old Swedish bird came took a puppy & left 3 months later leaving this dog without an owner & with no one to look after it, it got very skinny, very tick ridden & extremely scared of people. It wouldn't have survived another week & after the last 4 nights of continuous howling & with neighbours threatening to kill it Erik & Beccy have stepped in & taken the poor thing home with them to love & look after & give a new home & a new life to! Well Done to you Erik & Beccy. Cystitis & frothy sputum to you dumb 19 year old Swedish bird!

The Seabreacher X is the ultimate millionaire's boy-toy: a James Bond-style craft that can dive under water, roll from side to side and jump 12ft into the air. It looks like a great white shark, complete with dorsal fin, gaping jaws and rows of dagger-sharp teeth. At 16.5ft in length, it is even the same size as one. Unlike the real thing, it also has a 260hp engine, which powers it to 50mph above water, and 20mph below it. Toys they may be, but each one costs about £60,000. The seabreacher is really for people with a large disposable income who want to have fun. It's pretty popular in the Middle East, Korea and the Caribbean. The seabreacher is unlike anything I've seen on the water before. The shaft craft is 16ft long and has a dorsal fin and gaping jaws. This isn't a submarine - you're not going to visit the Titanic in it. It's more of a cross between a plane and a boat, I wouldn't recommend it to those with sea sickness, but it is exhilarating. Sounds a little like the Lomprayah!

Just in case you haven't seen it yet Videographer extraordinnaire Marek from one of the better Film Studio companies on Koh Tao has made a great promo video which we will be showing every time you get on the Seatran Ferry now. Take a peek. Very professional. Great video. Great Dive center.Great Resort. Great people. All wrapped up in a 1 minute promo video. We should have more of these made eh Andy wink wink nudge nudge, say no more, say no more!

Monday 16th August 2010-i

"Hi folks, I'm back in gloomy, wet, cold Northumberland - and yearning to be back with you on Koh Tao! Wanted to say thank you for the MOST BRILLIANT few days - excellent course, superb instructor (Heather), fabulous diving - a truly memorable experience. Now all I have to do is save up to come back! Thanks to you all. Mary" Many thanks Mary for letting us know how much fun you had with us here in Koh Tao & how appealing Northumberland sounds at this time of year. Can't wait to visit! See you back here again soon!

According to workers, young and old male visitors to the Chessington Sea Life Centre were spending 'a lot' of time staring at the ample charms of an underwater mermaid statue.Bosses at the centre have attempted to prevent any further distraction by dispatching a team of divers to cover underwater temptress with a red and white bikini. Manager Justine Locker said: 'We hadn't noticed quite how buxom Sally was until we clocked young boys, and not so young boys, spending a lot of time ogling her in the walkthrough ocean tunnel. Since then, none of us can avoid what is starring us straight in the face, so it's time for a cover-up. Chestintigton Prudes!

The Koh Tao Community is clubbing together to raise some cash in order to buy & then sink the legendary MV Trident liveaboard to use as Koh Tao's first official wreck dive! In case you didn't know the MV Trident has been cruising the Gulf of Thailand for a few years now discovering many previously undiscovered wrecks & is the boat that discovered the last US Submarine to be sunk at the end of World War 2 the US Lagarto which sank with all crew members aboard. An awesome boat with a legendary history & we're all clubbing in so we can buy it & make it even more legendary. So send us your donations & we'll offer you a free dive on it when next you make it here.

Sunday 15th August 2010-j

This rare photograph of an American alligator in salt water was taken a mile offshore of a reef in Palm Beach, Florida. Regularly found in fresh water lakes and rivers, alligators can tolerate salt water, but only for short span of time. The salt glands on the American alligator are nonfunctional, unlike that of its close cousin, the American crocodile. Crocodiles eat anything stupid enough to come close to them including gazelles, chickens, & Australians! Scuba Divers on the other hand eat crocs & alligators for breakfast! I'll have a crocodile sandwich & make it snappy!

"Hi Jim, My name is Celine and my sister and I stayed at the big blue and did a diving course ( beginners). We would have gone on to the advanced however the weather was bad so was not possible. Firstly I would like to thank everyone at big blue for the dive experience and supportive staff who work with you, was a real pleasure. In particular, our dive instructor Greek. He was a true professional in the water and I knew that we were his priority. At one stage the visibility was so bad that I could not see a thing however he managed to keep it and us together and gave us the confidence to continue on the dive. Off water he is a blast, hence a true professional. I would not hesitate in recommending Big Blue and Greek. Again many thanks and I look forward to staying with Big Blue the next time we are in Koh Tao. Many thanks and best wishes, Celine" Thanks for taking the time to write in Celine. Glad you had such a good time despite the weather & look forward to seeing you here again next time!

Its another picture perfect beautiful tropical day in paradise! Great if you are out on the boat all day! Pants if you are stuck in the orifice all day! Fancy a change in lifestyle! THen speak with SSImon about becomming a SSI Instructor, or BSACanada about becoming a BSAC Instructor & work on the beach all day or contact Jim and see just what skills you need to waste time on the internet! email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It'll change your life!

Thursday 12th August 2010-
At least 700 people have been stung by small, transparent jellyfish on Spanish beaches this week, leading officials to post warning signs. The creatures have created "a swimmer's nightmare." The jellyfish have been particularly prolific in their attacks near the city of Elche in eastern Spain, in the area known as Costa Blanca for its white sand beaches. On Tuesday alone, 380 people were stung, says Juan Carlos Castellanos of the Elche city tourism department. "In the five or six years I have been in this job, I have never seen anything like this," Castellanos said. In addition to putting up warning signs, Elche officials are watching for the jellyfish from lookout boats so they can warn beach-going crowds when a mass approaches. Meanwhile, off Spain's northern coast, in Cantabria and the Basque region, more menacing, jellyfish-like Portuguese man-of-wars have also stung more than 300 people over the past three weeks. Biologists are blaming climate change and overfishing of sharks & bluefin tuna & tourist development on beaches where previously turtles would lay their eggs for the jellyfish increase. Oooh dear. Its all doom & gloom... & purple people eaters!

A HUGE dolphin’s dead body was found stuck in a net and washed ashore on Nathon Beach in Koh Samui. It was assumed it had died two to three days before. It was the third dolphin found dead in Nathon this month, and the 10th this year. On July 24, Khun Prasit Prayoonsak, an officer at the rescue unit of Kusol Songkroh Association, said the dead black, female Irawaddi dolphin was found at Nathon Beach. The dolphin weighed around 200 kilograms and measured two meters long. It had numerous minor wounds on the fin and a big wound on its ear. It was assumed that it was caught by a fish net and the fisherman had to cut the net to let the injured dolphin die in the sea and washed ashore at Nathon Beach. Dolphins thrive in an area in the Gulf of Thailand that covers Koh Samui. A rescue officer informed the Koh Samui Fishery Office and the Sea life Research Center so they could document the dead dolphin before burying it. The officer expressed fears that with the increasing number of Irawaddi dolphins being separated from the flock and caught by fish net, this variety of dolphin may be extinct soon if no defensive measures are set in place.

Despite the predictions for terrible weather & a week of storms, ferocious winds & buckets of rain its actually turned out nice again! Another lovely sunny day, blue skies, calm seas & great visibility. Even managed another Full Day Trip to Sail Rock today. Oh the joys of unreliable weather forecasts! So next time we're due for a solid downpour we'll let you know so you can get your beachtowels at the ready.

Thursday 6th August 2010-l

To Erik- Thank you so much for an amazing 5 days of diving. It has been absolutely awesome.. I hope you have a great time for the rest of the diving adventure out here & the turtles name is Erik the Swede! From James.

Hey Hey Erik with a 'K'. Thanks very much for the course & the dives. Your love for the sport has spread like wild fire in our group. GOt to go but will add you on our FB & if you are ever in Ireland give us a call & we can check out our coasts. Thanks again JT

Hey ERik, Finally got the spelling correct this time! THank you so much for a wonderful 5 days of diving. Really enjoyed it & I think we all hope to keep diving so hopefully you'll see us back here again! Enjoy the rest of your working year & I hope you make it to Ireland on your future travels. Let us know. Thanks again Jayne.

Well Erik, Our time together was short but sweet. Cheers for your patience with me diving. Joachim

Dear Erik, Stop writing letters to yourself pretending that they are from your students! Yours Jim!

Wednesday 4th August 2010-
The Full Moon torrent has settled down into a nice ebb & flow of morning & afternoon arrivals all looking for a fantastic spot to learn to dive with Koh Tao's best Instructors, dive Koh Tao's best dive sites with Koh Tao's best Divemasters, & bed their heads at Koh Tao's most popular Resort. So we're sending them down the road! Only kidding! Welcome to Big Blue Diving. "Koh Tao's best Divecenter"! Just do a Google search if you don't believe me!

The Recreational Diver Medical Technician course has arisen out of a need for qualified professionals in the recreational diving scene that are able to provide advanced first aid care, administer drugs, and be skilled in such techniques as suturing wounds, setting up I.V. lines and advanced airway management. You may be a dive master on a live aboard yacht or providing paramedical support to an expedition. You may be a diving instructor working on a remote island or simply interested in extending your skills and ability to cope with injured clients or friends . The RDMT is an intensive 10 day course that has theory sessions - but the emphasis is on hands-on training. You will be faced with casualties with realistic wounds in scenarios that are designed to build your confidence in difficult situations. You will spend time at a hospital emergency room where you will see real casualties as they arrive and are treated. You will be taught how to perform emergency procedures by an experienced diving doctor and discuss case histories of decompression illness with certified hyperbaric professionals. The RDMT course specifically covers diving emergencies and includes the management of a casualty inside a recompression chamber. You will learn how to conduct a full neurological examination and how to decide which treatment table to use for decompression illness. Other important subjects include the legality of giving first aid, risk assessment, emergency planning and casualty evacuation. You will also learn how to specify a medical kit and where to source equipment and supplies. The Recreational Diver Medical Technician qualification is accredited by DASPAA - the Diving and Adventure Sports Paramedical Accreditation Agency. Training conforms to ILCOR guidelines and good practice as recognised by St John Ambulance, St Andrew’s Ambulance and the British Red Cross. Course venue: SSS Recompression Chamber on Koh Samui Course dates: 8th to 19th November 2010 Course price: 54,000 Thai Baht For details Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Diver Down in Style! You are the romantic at heart, the thrill-seeking adventurer, waiting to explore the vast wilderness, calling the shots and accustomed to being in the driver seat! Introducing the DiverBike! The DiverBike is the first underwater propulsion device of its type. Take charge and effortlessly soar through the reefs, explore more and increase the thrill of your dive experience. The DiverBike enhances your unforgettable weightless flight through the underwater world. And the best thing is if you fall off you won't have to spend the next few weeks out of the water. Eh Instructors!

Tuesday 3rd August 2010-
Hats off to the 52 kilometers of people who turned up in Koh Samui at the weekend in protest at the announcement of 4 off shore drilling platforms all within spitting distance of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan & Koh Samui! Thats 52 kilometers worth of people all linking hands all the way around the island to show support against the vile infidels who plan on destroying these 3 beautiful islands and the Angthong Marine Park & Nang Yuan Island. After whats just happened in the Gulf of Mexico have we learnt nothing? Filthy money grabbing Bangkokian heathen political infidels! Ruin these islands & we'll stick a free flowing reg up your jacksie! 52 kilometers of free flowing reg!

Lara & Dan are planning a Swim for Sharks day! The plan is to get as many volunteers as we can, all paying 100 Bt to swim all the way around Nang Yuan Island to raise money to help save the sharks! 200 Bt if you need to use flippers. Many species of sharks, from the great white to the iconic hammerhead, are in danger of being fished to commercial extinction. A major culprit is soup. At one time, shark fin soup was considered a delicacy for the elite. But as Asia grows in population and wealth, the demand for shark fins has gone through the roof. According to the United Nations, shark fin imports to Hong Kong and Taiwan alone rose 214 percent from 1985 to 1998. This has had a disastrous impact on shark populations globally. The wasteful practice of "finning"-- slicing off a shark's fins and discarding the animal to die at sea -- is one of the biggest threats to populations. Indeed, up to 73 million sharks are killed annually across the globe to support the shark fin trade. So come one come all. Bring your 200 Bt & swim your fins off!

Love the editorial on Big Blue Tech Cave Diving written by Phillip Moore who came to learn his Cave diving with us. Read the full version on Its extremely well written, makes you want to sign up for the next course immediately & is going to be a great plug for Canada & his team of highly trained Techies Wreckies & Cavers, I just wish I knew who this James character was Phillip keeps mentioning in his piece!

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Monday, 06 May 2013 15:15

Thursday 31st December 2009-

2009-12-31Happy New Year everyone or we say in Thailand- Sawadee Pi Mai! Its the last day of the year & the last day any of us have to be anywhere near that filthy smelling Frenchman! Today is Guillaume's last day at work. After slugging away for 5 years as an Instructor here G has finally decided to drop trousers & run!

He is leaving us to further his career in diving by becoming a PADI Course Director. & because we are a Triple certifying Centre meaning we teach PADI Courses, SSI Courses & BSAC Courses, G is not allowed to work for us anymore if he wants to be a Course Director. So after much deliberation, a few baguettes, a gob full of couscous, & a good nights sleep in a bed full of onions, G bit the bullet & resigned! Traitorous Mother Father! Only kidding! IF there's a good reason to leave us & work somewhere else I think this is about as good as it gets!

So G, mon ami, its been emotional. From all of us here I'd like to thank you for all the work you have done for the Save Koh Tao Group, for the work you did on the Bio Rock & the Buoyancy World. For your contribution into the Divemaster Training. For your efforts & expense spent on all the fancy dress parties & for all those G ism's & for the fabulous memories I have of your jiggling moobies as you run from the Diveshop to the Equipment room. & in the immortal final episode of Seinfeld- Good Riddance & thanks for the memories! Merci G! & Bon Chance!

Wednesday 30th December 2009-

2009-12-30So in many parts of the world right now its colder than a Penguins bollocks, so in the interests of servicing those of you that are feeling a little chilly in the swim wear region I thought you'd be pleased to know that it is hot hot hot, here in Koh Tao! Hotter than balls! Its bright & sunny, even the water temperature is warmer than most places in Europe. Well its a good job we're not in Europe right now cos that must really really suck! Oh good its almost 5pm. I'm off for a sunset beer down the beach! Happy New Year Europe!

Just another 24 hours working at Big Blue & the crazy frenchman has organised a beach clean up on his last day of work! Its so unfrenchmanly! Our last clean up of the year is to be held on Sairee Beach & as ever is being organised by G as he shows what needs to be done to his imminent successor Heather "The Green Queen" Keeler who will take over the Mantle G has been shouldering for so long. Cheers G for all the hard work you have put in to our eco efforts & good luck to our new Hero the Green Queen! Save the world & save the cheerleader!

Please don't feed the fish! In Hawaii several of the largest commercial merchandisers, including Walmart, have agreed to discontinue the sale of recreational snorkelling fish food, joining the Fish-Friendly Business Alliance through the "Take a Bite out of Fish Feeding" campaign, which discourages the practice of using food to attract fish for tourists to view. The use of fish food by tourists and tour operators can have negative consequences for both reefs and the tourism industry. By feeding the fish, we are affecting natural ecological relationships on the reef. More people are being bitten by aggressive fish. Algae is increasing in these area's too. Herbivorous grazing fish eat algae, helping to clean up the reefs. However, when they are fed food from other sources, they stop eating the algae and other things that they should be eating. The algae is left to flourish, and can potentially smother the reefs. The majority of people do not want to do harm to our oceans but are unaware that their behaviours have potentially dangerous impacts. Now that you are aware however... Please stop feeding the fish!

Monday 28th December 2009-

2009-12-28The last Full Day trip of the year & the first full day trip of the season are being organised for this Wednesday the 30th December to go to Sail Rock for 2 dives & then 1 more dive at Samran Pinnacle. Breakfast, lunch, 3 dives at rarely dived sites, but still top quality ones & the last time we'll have the garlic smelling, onion necklace, blue & white striped shirt, red crevate & beret wearing Frenchman on our boat! : )

Just in case you weren't aware... next years colors are... Navy blue shirt & light blue logo with writing. Our 2010 staff T-shirts were dolled out yesterday to all the dive staff to much rigmarole & fanfare. So our Navy Blue & gold Big Blue Dive Crew shirts are now just a distant memory. A collectors item no less! & a very much sought after piece of Big Blue paraphernalia. In years to come it might be worth something! But for now its the Navy Blue & light blue that is the talk of the town, & don't we look chic!

Once the team had picked themselves up off the floor after being told Jim was going to go diving again this afternoon, making that twice in a week, & 5 times in the year, they were able to sort out this afternoons double dive at Chumphon Pinnacle! And what is it that makes Chumphon so diveable right now & makes Jim don his neoprene yet again is the sharks. Absolutely 10's of them! Guaranteed at the moment if you dive below 20 meters there are at least 20-30 sharks cruising around. Just another reason to do your Advanced Course! & to dive with Big Blue. No one else going to Chumphon Pinnacle this afternoon!

Sunday 27th December 2009-

2009-12-27Ho Ho ho! Can't remember the last time I woke up on Christmas Day without a hangover. And didn't manage to do it again this year either! A lovely Christmas Dinner at Big Blue, then Secret Santa at the bar, then up the beach for Vibe, then down the beach for Fizz, & round off the evening with a couple down at Maya Bar. Nothing like celebrating Christmas on Koh Tao!

And as we celebrate this festive season let us not forget all the poor dolphins that are slaughtered in Taiji this winter. Every year a small community of Japanese fishermen slaughter in cold blood upto 29,000 dolphins. And sell off the dolphin meat under some other fish name like swordfish or whale meat. If you don't believe me you have to watch a movie which we mentioned here before & now this Christmas I finally got to see it. " The Cove" It is UNBELIEVABLE! A must see movie! Though not necessarily a Christmas Movie.You can watch the trailer for it right here - Wow!

So hard to work out who is going to have to work over Christmas & New Year. Last year it was easy with Alain around who being the tee totaler always seemed quite chipper first thing in the morning after the night before so he was easy to schedule but this year... Well Heather, Soren, Pierre, Kelli & Paul all pulled the short straws over Christmas, who's going to be selling their short straws over New Year? I know one things for sure... it aint me ;) Sawadee Pi Mai!

Thursday 24th December 2009-

2009-12-24Another year another Staff Party & another very sore head! Congratulations to everyone who works at Big Blue, the Instructors, DM's, the shop girls, the boat boys, the Captains, the house keepers, the taxi drivers & the accountants for what has been another very successful & happy year for all of us at Big Blue. & what better way to celebrate than by getting everyone to do a shot of tequila & do a silly dance! Many thanks too to the team at ACE Marine Images who put together this years Christmas VDO. Lots of memories, lots of fun! & none of it would have been possible with out you, our divers! Thank you one & all for choosing to come & dive & stay with us. We hope you've enjoyed it here as much as we've enjoyed having you here! Merry Christmas & a very happy New Year!

Its the time of year when the beach literally disappears under the sea. At the highest tide the sea level has risen as far as the dive shop steps so you have to wade through the water to get to the restaurant. I guess its a phenomenon that is occurring throughout the world but for some reason you can really see the rise in the oceans sealevel is as high as I've ever seen in the last 10 years on Koh Tao. I blame that Global Norman!

Big Blue Tech and BSAC Thailand completed Skill Development Courses for Ash Dunn and Mark Slinn during a workshop in Koh Tao on the 23rd of December to enhace their abilities as scuba diving instructors. BSAC Thailand took Mark and Ash through the BSAC Oxygen Administrator Instructor and BSAC Compressor Operator Instructor SDC during the day long workshop. During this time the students had to demonstrate their overall knowledge and ability in both disciplines to the instructor examiner. After a written and practical exam they were issued their certification cards and received authority to begin teaching the courses. Andy Cavell, our other intern, missed this event because he was teaching a PADI Deep and Nitrox Specialty Course. He will complete this workshop on the 29th of December. For more information or to attend our next cross-over, sdc workshop or instructor course please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Monday 21st December 2009-

2009-12-21"Well as I was waiting for my taxi to take me and my travel mate Eric to the dock I ran into one of your instructors Jodie Roberts and we spoke for a few minutes about diving and just the look on how excited she was to be teaching and what was to be had by taking up diving. I have wanted to for awhile but kept putting it off for some odd reason. Well to make it short we ended up staying and taking our open water with Jodie and Big Blue. All I have to say is 5 stars to Jodie and the staff at Big Blue. Jodie made it all fun and I just wanted more! This is a world class diving resort and a first rate teacher! I will be back asap and having Jodie work for your company is a huge asset! Well done! Anthony and team America!" Good on you for writing that email & nice one Jodie! Job's a good 'un! Cheers Team America! Phark Yeah!

Great to see how quickly the numbers are mounting up on our new Facebook group "I will or am doing or have done my DMT at Big Blue Diving". Its a bit of a mouthful I know but its fairly descriptive & its proving to be quite successful. In just 24 hours we've racked up almost 100 Past present & future DMT's, which as ex DMT/ present BBKLDM (Big Blue Khao Lak Divemaster) Amanda has pointed out would be a much better name for the group but well you know I think we'll keep the name the same. It sounds kind of silly but it grows on you after a while. Just like herpes!

Breaking all kinds of records this month, Jim is off for another dive tomorrow morning at Chumphon Pinnacle! That'll make 6 dives this year alone, 4 of which have been done in the last week! But hey when the diving is this good its worth it! There are soooo many sharks cruising around the Pinnacles at the moment & the visibility is opening right up now as well. And with such a dramatic reduction in sharks all around the world these days who knows how much longer these sort of sights will be witnessed. & remember- Only softcocks eat shark fin soup! Hard cocks dive with them... at least 6 times a year!

Saturday 19th December 2009-

2009-12-19Not being the fastest kid off the blocks I have finally opened our Big Blue Diving Fanpage which according to those who are speedier out the blocks than yours truely will place us higher up in the page rankings on Google & Yahoo etc therefore generating more enquiries, more sales & a bigger & better name. Not quite sure how it works exactly but I've been told I need as many people as we can get to join us on our fanpage in order to bump us up. So to all 1529 of you who are members of this group please can you join our fanpage by copying & pasting this link . I'll be your best friend! : )

In our unique way of keeping at the forefront of Scuba Diving in Koh Tao please allow me to introduce you to our new feather in our cap... Big Blue Sailing! As of last week Big Blue now has a beautiful 20 meter long Sail boat all kitted out with space for 10 divers, 2 sails & 10 beds! So after Christmas & New Year we will now be running Full Day Sailing & Diving trips around Koh Tao & overnight trips to the beautiful limestone cliffs in the Angthong Marine Park. Canada is over the moon as it now means he has a boat he can use to sail around the Marine Park in search of underwater caves. & when we're not using it for diving & sailing, we'll be combining with our friends from Fizz & use it for those ubiquitous Booze Cruises! Sailing, Diving, tanning, snorkelling, trekking, caving, boozing & sleeping. In that order! Sound like fun? You bet your ass!

Just in case you weren't aware there are Sharks all over Chumphon Pinnacle right now but please for heavens sake don't tell the Fisherman. Its an absolutely awesome sight. Diving off the north point of the Pinnacle at Chumphon you can quite literally find yourself completely ensconced with sharks. In an area no further than 20 meters circumference with yourself being at the centrepoint it's no exaggeration to say you can see 20 sharks, Bull sharks & Blacktips & grey reefs all within your field of vision. It has got to be one of the best divesites in Thailand right now! So what the bloody hell are you waiting for? Trips leave for Chumphon every morning at 7am. Sign up in the shop immediately for the dive of your life!

Thursday 17th December 2009-

2009-12-17Turtles on Turtle Island, whoever heard such a thing?! Despite the sad fact that we've had several turtles wash ashore Sairee Beach this year after choking to death on plastic bags, our Helen has now seen 2 (live!) turtles in 2 days! Happy days, indeed.

Luke and Sophie our 2 new SSI Instructors are off to a flying start, Luke has been one-on-one teaching open students who needed a little extra time and attention to complete their Open Water Course with 100% success rate. So successful in fact that his latest student has signed up for her Advanced Adventurer Course just 4 days after nervously taking her first breaths underwater, she's off to 30m to play with the Bull Sharks! Sophie is also teaching small groups of advanced students, as well as conducting Scuba Skills Updates with our fun divers. Candidates who complete their SSI Instructor Training Courses at Big Blue have ample opportunities to teach and earn back some of the course fees - so what are you waiting for?

Next SSI ITC will be held 3rd of January 2010 here at Big Blue on sunny Koh Tao, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or enquire through our website

Sunday 13th December 2009-

2009-12-13What a week its been! Its supposed to be quiet at this time of year but its been soo busy that we've hardly had time to even come up for air! The cheap bungalows are full all over Sairee beach & the more expensive ones are now fully booked from about the 23rd on so it seems accommodation could be a little tricky to sort out this festive Season. But if you are diving & if you book with me I'll bust my balls to find you a room & if I can't I'll give you your money back! Room booking guarantee or your money back! Got to be better than sleeping on the beach over Christmas wouldn't you say?

And despite all the billions of people rocking up on Koh Tao in recent days we still managed to squeeze in a couple of dives with a Whaleshark! There was one last week at South West & there's another one yesterday morning at Chumphon Pinnacle. How's that for an early Christmas present. We are of course hoping they'll stick around but if they don't I'll have Swapey inflate the one we have sitting in the store room just in case.

Got to hand it to one of our new members of staff Erik from Sweden, who speaks Norwegian & Danish, & Swedish & English as well of course, for his recent track record of students. He had a group of 7 Swedish ladies of which 5 went on to do their Advanced Course demanding they have the same Instructor & his recent 4 pack of Swedish beauties, (one of whom once modelled for Playboy!) on their Open Water Course all 4 of them demanded they do their Advanced Course with Erik as well. Erik, my friend. There are very many men who would kill to be in your shoes!

Tuesday 8th December 2009-

2009-12-08Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, the vis is great, the sun is out, the whalesharks come and play! At Southwest Pinnacle this morning, a load of happy fundivers were lucky to spend some time underwater with the king of the oceans. Always an amazing experience, especially when it’s the first time. Our DMts Karin and Mick could not agree more. To top that, they swam with a one meter large turtle at Shark Island on the second dive. Not bad, hey? Our other boat was at Chumphon Pinnacle this morning and the divers on board had a lovely experience with our famous group of bullsharks. Can’t really get any better than this. Christmas is coming early this year for us underwater explorers!

Our West Coast Dutchman Marcel was here for a couple of days with his lovely fiancée Kathy, to soak up the Koh Tao atmosphere, forget about the boring lifestyle in Khao Lak and of course hand out some wedding invitations. They were happy to see that we had much less Speedo bearers than what they were used to (although there seems to have been a convention of them a few days ago on the island) and did not look like they were missing McDonald’s at all. Greasy Spoon, Morava, Zanzibar… what more can you ask for?

If you haven’t booked your accommodation for the holidays, now’s the time. As we get closer to Christmas, the island is getting crowded and restaurants (Hippo!!!) and bars that were closed are reopening. More importantly, it’s that time of the year when the Scandis leave their cold and snowy lands for warmer climates where they can wear nothing but a bikini. Watch out Emily, you're going to have some serious competition in the sunbathing game!

Saturday 4th December 2009-

2009-12-04Dear Jim and the rest of the Big Blue Staff,
I would like to say that big blue was the highlight of my trip but that would, quite simply, be an enormous understatement!!! I was in Bangkok, getting ready to head to Phuket when I met a group of guys that insisted I head to Koh Toa with them instead (I didn't even know the name of the island they were taking me to until after I was on the bus). They had done some research and really wanted to do their Open Water Diving course and I thought I'd tag along. After e-mailing a few diving schools on Koh Toa, they were overly impressed with Big Blue, so that's where we headed. Upon arriving, after the taxi (which was a HUGE relief by the way), we were pleasantly greeted by Swappy. He was super helpful in getting us organized, and settled in a room AND with all the information that we needed for diving! Not only was the paperwork and finding a place to stay painless, but actually quite pleasant. I started with a DSD with Pierre, who was fantastic. Always smiling, he was patient, really nice... and saw that I LOVED diving and suggested I continue to do the OWD course, which I did. I signed up for the PADI Open Water Diving course and started, literally, an hour after my first dive! My instructor for my OWD course was Nick. I could not have asked for a better instructor! Nick truly was AMAZING! He was super friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and a lot of fun (even if I did end up owing him a beer fine!) He honestly helped make, not only my diving experience, but my entire trip. I was actually in a group with another couple from Canada but it was definitely more the husband's desire to dive, and not the wife's. As a good sport she came along and did the course and the dives but at one point (I believe after a couple dives) she worked herself up. She had got herself riled up and burst into tears and didn't want to dive anymore. Even her husband couldn't convince her not to quit. Nick, aside from being professional about it, you could tell he actually genuinely cared about this woman and her being happy and comfortable. He spoke to her for no more than two minutes, and whatever was said, worked. She came down, not only not wanting to quit, but ready to take on the world. She was no longer scared in the slightest, and so excited we had to practically hold her back from getting back in the water right then and there! I know Nick helped make this couple's trip but I was so impressed and it gave me just that much more confidence in him! While on the boat I met another instructor who was awesome (even if he is welsh) named Deano. I never ended up diving with him, but he was so friendly and helpful both on the boat and at the shop that I felt the need to mention him and send my thanks to him as well! He was always there to make me smile and have a beer with. It's partially because of him, I enjoyed Big Blue as much as I did. The staff and people are just SO friendly and welcoming! The group of people I was with, after doing our OWD course and some island hopping, left back home. I was supposed to go to Cambodia or Vietnam, but I couldn't... I HAD to get back to Koh Toa, actually Big Blue! I walked up to the shop almost 2 weeks later and was greeted with warm welcomes and smiles (and a couple hugs). The staff remembered me and made me feel more at home than ever. I did some fun diving with Andy and Swappy and they were great as well! I love how Andy is always smiling, happy to see me or not! I could go on forever (as if I haven't already) about the people from the DMT's (Karin, my buddy! You ROCK!) to the rest of the staff (even Jim) and special thanks to Nick (and Deano) and how great my experience was, but instead... I'll simply say that I will be back! Not only soon, but I actually am working towards moving there to do my DMT...soon! Big Blue has made a friend and customer for life. I will be telling everyone and anyone who'll listen to go visit you! Thank you guys soooooo much for everything! Nick you did so much for me by helping me realize my passion, desire, and potential for diving! I could not have done it without you!!! I will see you all very soon! Sorry for such a long email but it had to be said! Everyone deserves a raise, or at least a chang! Sincerely, Emily C,Vancouver, Canada.

Thursday 3rd December 2009-

2009-12-03This is sickening. Denmark is a big shame. The sea is stained in red and it’s not because of the climate effects of nature. It's because of the cruelty that the human beings (civilized humans) kill hundreds of the famous and intelligent Calderon dolphins. This happens every year in the Feroe island in Denmark . In this slaughter the main participants are young teens. WHY? To show that they are adults and mature.... BULLLLsh... In this big celebration, nothing is missing for the fun. Everyone is participating in one way or the other, killing or looking at the cruelty “supporting like a spectator” Is it necessary to mention that the dolphin calderon, like all the other species of dolphins, it’s near extinction and they get near men to play and interact, seeking PURE friendship. They don’t die instantly; they are cut 1, 2 or 3 times with thick hooks. And at that time the dolphins produce a grim extremely compatible with the cry of a new born child. But he suffers and there’s no compassion till this sweet being slowly dies in its own blood. Its enough! Defend the animals, & put a stop to this needless slaughter. Take care of the world, it is your home!

Welcome back, all but briefly DM Amanda who is back from her 2 week holiday in Dubai. Well I say 2 week holiday but its really been more like 4 or 5 weeks with a bit of time frolicking in Khao Lak. Or should I say flirting in Khao Lak! Now that the Japanese team are all over in Khao Lak for the season & not many of the team here in Koh Tao Amanda wants to go over to the west side now! I wonder why? Anything to do with the Ryo Carnival or the Yuta Saints? I think so! Genky deska!

The last Full Moon Party of the year was held last night in Koh Phangan. 10000 loud drunk dancing party goers all getting down to the jive dancing & the techno beats . & all 10000 of them on their way to Koh Tao over the next couple of days. Normally the thought of a busy spell excites me. But knowing that with the Full Moon crowd comes the demands for the world on a stick without having to pay anything for it, the quibbling about price, the requests for more of this & that, & the give me this for free or I'll go somewhere else, gives me the willies!

Tuesday 1st December 2009-

2009-12-01Well the troops are slowly returning from their adventures away. Canada and Yvonne have returned from a break up in the north of Thailand, elephant trekking, cooking courses and yoga courses, yes our tattooed ex-marine in now a non smoking, non (excessive) drinking, yogatastic super chef and Yvonne is still just German. Nice and refreshed to start in 3 new techie interns, Geordie Ash has now finished his DMT and has decided 2 tanks are better than 1. Our own Cav has returned now as a staff instructor to complete his full tech courses with the yoga guru and Mike also form the UK will be joining us for a while, welcome boys.

We ware also saying goodbye to Christos, who came to us back in April to do some diving with the tech crew and ended up working with us, sounds all to familiar of Koh Tao!! He is back of to the UK and then on to Greece for some olives and rehearse for a part in 300 part deux. SPARTA!!

Christmas is coming, Ugly has got the party started and has his antlers on, Panda and Momo are strapped the the sleigh (well it’s more like the trolley) and we are dusting off the decorations. Ho ho ho perfect time to go diving!!! Look with a smile like that who can refuse!!!

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Saturday 27th December 2008-

2008-12-27Well Happy New Year again guy and Happy Diving for the New Year. Course today. Our Burmese staff think its amazing. They do this thankless job everyday pumping the tanks. & now in the season to be jolly Canada has really gone out in the name of festive spirit & not only given our Burmese boys a bit of a break from it he's also gone & got a couple of Farangs to step up & do the job & he's even got them to pay for the pleasure. How do you say these Farang are crazy in Burmese?We’re running a Khao Sok Cavern course on January 10th and 14th. This is a first for us to see if it’s a viable business idea. The certification is through ANDI by Bruce Konefe. 3 days, 4 dives course. You must be Advanced with 20 dives. All “cave” gear, certification, cylinders are included. Technical gear also included for those certified. Accommodation and park fee included. Not Included. Transport to and from Khao Sok, Food and Drink, personal dive gear. Max 4 cave virgins per trip.Well blow me! Not sure any of us were expecting the big waves & wind that have belted us about throughout the night. Apparently there were 6 coach loads full of happy holidaymakers coming to Koh Tao from Bangkok for New Year. Not sure how happy they are going to be to be here now!  

Friday 26th December 2008-

2008-12-26Great Christmas gossip making the rounds at the moment. You just can't throw a Christmas party anywhere in the world without 2 members of staff playing embarrassing tonsil hockey with each other! & who were our horny little love blossoms this Christmas time? Well it wouldn't have been Darren & Ally or Canada & Yvonne as that wouldn't be good enough gossip. & Dan & Kim can't keep their hands off each other so that's hardly going to be newsworthy. So which 2 members of our Big Blue DM team were caught Christmas tongue cuddling the other night?Congratulations to Fizz Beach Bar & Restaurant who managed to do a 48 Hour Extreme Make Over & were able to open up for Christmas Eve by 7pm (only an hour late) & had the whole of the island out with them! Now that the Tree has been removed from the Dry Bar a massive bar decking area has been made there & the restaurant decking has also expanded somewhat. Fizz is a great place for food & drinks & when it comes to parties its really Fizzing over there!4 Year Anniversary today of the Wave that shook the World. Just wanted to say Cheers to those we choose to think of on this day.
Wednesday 24th December 2008-

2008-12-24Like to wish you a very Merry Xmas to one & all & hope that Santa buys you all the scuba toys you've ever dreamed of! A titanium strapped D-9 dive computer please Santa. Did you get that wifey? ;) Its dinner at the restaurant then a wine or 2 at the bar & a bit of disco dancing after prezzies round the tree! Ah, a Merry Koh Tao Chrimbo everyone!Today Big Blue Tech celebrates the graduation of Paul Leech who completed his Tec Basics Course. Paul is an avid diver in the Uk and spends much of his time in quarries around England. His interest in the tech course was not about going deeper but having the safety and comfort of technical diving gear in his normal recreational limit. For Paul who wears a drysuit and dives in colder water, having the ability to dive in technical gear will provide him longer dives with now having twice the air as before. Paul had previously completed his Deep Specialty and Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty with us and Drysuit Specialty and Wreck Specialty in England. Bringing his specialty collection to 4, this course is equivalent for a 5th Padi Specialty making him eligible as a Master Scuba Diver, so Paul not only leaves Koh Tao as an entry level technical diver but also as a Master Scuba Diver! Yikes!The Queensland government in an incredible display of ecological insensitivity has proposed a shark fin fishery in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and in marine parks in Queensland waters. The practice of shark finning is the most nonsensical, ecologically destructive, and unethical fishery in the world. Queensland wants to issue licenses to take an unlimited number of sharks in what amounts to an extermination policy against these essential and magnificent creatures. Is a bowl of sharkfin soup worth the irreparable ecological damage we are doing to the world’s oceans? Crikey!
Tuesday 23rd December 2008-

2008-12-23Great turnout last night for an evening of much mirth & merriment. Good food tasty beverages and an excellent VDO compilation from our friends at ACE Marine who put together a collage of this years stupidity. Lots of memories, lots of old faces, & lots of mischief. Things that spring to mind are Hals weird beards, Alex & Lucy, Lia's time here taking fantastic photos, Jim & Andrea's wedding, Sonia driving Banzai with P'Piak head in his hands, Marcel sleeping on the job, many of our DMT's, Yvonne & Jade's Shark Day, Barry's fancy dress costumes, Panos & Church at Songkran, Darren & Ally, any one of Ricky's drunken evenings, P'Nen... the list goes on & on. & if you'd like a copy of the vdo then write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Price is 500Bt + postage & packing! A truely great memory of Big Blue 2008! Thanks for the memories everyone. Are you on the vdo?And who won what this year??? Well Deano won the most spectacular injury with his broken toe while doing the worm, Captain Dam won best Male Breasts closely followed by Canada & G! Dan & Kim won couple most likely to get married next year! G's unkempt beard won him best George Michael lookalike! & P'Lyn won America's next top model award while our accountant Tai won best hair! Award of the night goes to Rich though for his 'walk of shame' a few weeks ago. I can't go into details as this is a family show but he was a clear winner for the years Most drunk Staff member. Its a deadly serious business these Christmas Awards! Tequilla & buckets for everyone!And enter into this mood of festive merry making & in walk Darren & Ally! Having spent the last 6 months living & working in the Maldives they've come home, back to their family for Christmas & New Year. Welcome back guys. Its funtastic to see you both again. Shame we've all got hangovers to greet you with!

Monday 22nd December 2008

2008-12-22Well the weather outside is .... glorious! & there are an awful lot of extremely happy punters over here at present! Nice calm flat seas, tropical sunshine, fantastic sunsets, great snorkelling straight off the beach & Santa is wondering up & down Sairee in boardies! Don't you love that tropical Christmas feeling! Palm trees instead of mistletoe, sand instead of snow, & scuba instead of Church!I'd very much like to thank all our ex Big Blue Staff at Wicked Diving in Khao Lak for what has been a truly memorable trip over on the west side. Thanks Paul, Marcel, Robyn, Klaus & Filip for great diving, & mirth making & then thanks to all our other ex Big Blue Staff for getting me completely wasted in the bar both before the trip & after the trip. Thanks to Sonia, Ricky, Joachim, Keith, Rick & Fanette for the worst hangover I've had this year!Staff Party tonight. Everyone comes in their fancy frocks & what nots & then there's free food & beverages for all the staff, a Christmas vdo, & then its the Staff Awards. Wonder who's going to be the lucky recipient of this years 'Most flesh squeezed into a single wetsuit' award?

Friday December 19, 2008

2008-12-196 days to go! Time to rush for the last minute Christmas shopping. Time to be creative and get that perfect gift. We are all twisting our minds here to buy something right for our secret Santa and I won’t tell you who mine is, no matter how much Simon tries to woo me. So for the women out there who don’t know what to get for their man, here’s an idea: “Flame”. Available all over the USA for $3.99, it’s Burger King’s (no kidding) body spray for men. The company describes Flame as "the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat". Beefy, ain’t it? On Koh Tao, we are looking at launching our own local fragrance with a touch of wet dog, a zest of Chang breath and an ounce of poonama canal scents. Come to think of it, maybe it’s not such a god idea. Well, tell that to the geniuses at BK, if they can get away with it why can’t we? “Eau de Sairee”, 99 baht at your local 7-eleven!

So they’re back! P’Kaow and his wife and their son sailed in today on a freshly painted and refurbished Navakid. This time, the Big Blue dolphin at the bow actually looks like one! Our fleet is reunited and ready to conquer the treacherous seas of the Gulf of Thailand. Darren and Ally are back too, enjoying time in Bangkok before setting foot on the rock for the Holiday madness. Message to them: while you’re in Bangkok, can you get me a Whopper please? I’d like to scrub it on my skin to maximize my seduction potential at the Big Blue Christmas party!

I know we keep saying this but it is definitely high season now. No less than 8 bookings are expected to show up today and the weather is bee-eautiful. If you’re coming, make sure you book your accommodation ahead. And sign up for your Christmas dinner while there is still time. The Island’s restaurants are offering the tastiest menus for the occasion and I’m having a hard time making my pick. Hey, as long it’s not Burger King!
Thursday December 18, 2008
2008-12-187 days to go! In proper Big Blue tradition, tonight, we will each draw our Secret Santa at 6pm. So far, there are 31 of us but there is still time for more to sign up. So come join the fun and maybe you too can receive a wonderful gift from the hands of a mysterious colleague or friend, that may last a lifetime. Simon still plays with the remote controlled jeep he got two years ago and Jim still has the Casino Sairee poster as his profile pic. As for Deano and his toy black sheep… well, nobody really knows what’s going on there!News on the recently certified Instructors: when some of us would think it’s time to take a break after the IDC, the induced stress and the hard work, Donna and Oskar won’t rest. They both now have teaching status and are already instructing. Donna completed an Open Water course team teaching with Yvonne yesterday. Vel tone Tonna, you can now teach ze German vay. Oskar is team teaching Nitrox with Canada today, following a logical path with his tech mentor. We are all very proud, as long as they don’t call each other “schatzi” after working with Big Blue’s infamous couple!

Koh Tao is getting busy again and everybody is getting ready for the holidays. Aukotan is running out of Santa hats, the streets and shops are fully decorated and only thing missing here is snow. Not that we really miss it actually. You have snow at home? Good for you! We’ll be spending Christmas in boardies with a Singha or a Chang. Oh and did I mention the visibility was great this morning? Anybody care to join us? 
Wednesday 17th December 2008
2008-12-178 days to go! Jim's off on another jolly doing 'research' on West Coast liveaboard diving or 'summit. I swear you'd almost think he prefers being on holiday to sitting in the office and answering emails all day long. Weird.

Our G has just become a Master Instructor today! Soon he will be invited to join the Council and train the Padawans as well as the Novices, he is only a step away from the rank of Course Director, the PADI is strong in this one, hmm? If only he can resist his attraction to the Dark SSIde....
Monday saw the Divemaster Challenge for Amanda and James, this time the theme was 'House', the US medical drama that has half the island hooked. G slammed back his 'Vicodin' shots and walked with a stick as he took on the role of Dr. Gregory House, the cynical medical genius who heads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. Emily played the part of Dr. Lisa Cuddy, mainly by wearing two bras and a pair of socks for a knockout cleavage. Our Challengers were subjected to the usual shots, buckets and ice-water drenching as our newer recruits to the DMT program looked on in horror :)
Tuesday 16th December 2008
2008-12-16Koh Tao doesn't really have a traditional Chrismassy feel to it yet, so in an effort to inject some festive cheer, we've adapted xmas songs for crimbo on the rock...Ugly the Big Blue beach dog
Had a very shiny nose
And if you ever met him
You would have to say he smells a bit, tooChristmas is coming, Ugly's getting fat
Please stop feeding him 7-Eleven sausages they're really no good for himDeck the resort with coconut palm leaves
'Tis the season to wear short sleevesWe've got bars on the beach
We've got rivers of Chang
You can dance on the bartops
End the night with a bang
When you first drink a cold beer on a warm Christmas Eve
You'll realise you're stuck here and you're never going to leave!Oh the weather outside's delightful,
And we know back home its frightful
And since its not going to snow,
Let it glow, let it glow, let it glowOk, ok, stop groaning, Christmas is meant to be cheesy!
Monday 15th December 2008-

2008-12-15Well if you had 4 days & 4 nights to spend on a luxury boat cruising the best dive sites Thailand has to offer submerging in the Similans, exploring the mighty Richelieu Rock, surfing the underwater currents at Koh Tachai, & bathing with the Mantas at Koh Bon & all that with your wife & some of your best mates you'd be excited too! I'm off tomorrow for a few days- Liveaboarding with my lovely wife, & the Director of SSI Thailand & his wife. Don't envy our Divemaster. We're going to be the most demanding customers they've come across this year. Hope we get Marcel!So as of today Thailand has another new Prime Minister & by all accounts he seems to be a popular choice! Born & raised in England Mr Abhisit Vejjajiva will now lead the country out of the doldrums of recent months & get that infamous smile back on the faces of these wonderful people. So all of you who have been hanging out & waiting to see whats going to happen in Thailand now, can get back in line & form an orderly queue & confirm that booking reservation you had earlier. Now that the troubles are over lets get some diving done!Finished adding the photos to the accommodation page on our website now & its made such an incredible difference to the amount of enquiries we are getting every day. Figure I might change my profile picture on our Meet the Team page & see if that makes any difference too! 
Sunday 14th December 2008
2008-12-14Aahh, what a beautiful's sunny and warm, the sea is flat and everyone is in a good mood.
Christmas is only -10 days for the germans and 11 days for the rest of the world - away and I m getting really excited. The shop looks finally christmasy and our tree muuuucchhh better...all blinky and shiny with a proper star on top!
Our X-mas Movie is almost done as well...everyone tried the best with singing and looking good. so, you see...we are prepared!It' s time again to say 'hello again' to someone...Olaf from Holland is back and he is staying now for one year!! Olaf finished in May this year his DMT Course with us and decided to sell everything at home to live a beautiful life on a beautiful little island. good decision and WELCOME BACK BUDDY!Last night we had a fancy dress party for Silke´s 30th birthday. For those who don't know her, Silke is a non diver who's been hanging around with the crew for a while. The idea was to come dressed as something that starts with an S. James was a very convincing shark, Rich a Spice Girl(!) and Deano came as a cereal killer. The Welshman's spelling skills are not perfect so if anyone knows a good English teacher, please let us know before he starts flirting with cheep!
Saturday 13th December 2008-

2008-12-13Looks like monsoon is definitely over, another beautiful day of sunshine on the Rock. Temperatures are rising and bodies are tanning again. Just in time for high season, today being the official start of another few months of madness. The Full Moon rush started this morning as a number of bright color painted travelers swarmed to the island still wearing their party dress. People in the restaurant this morning were exposed to a horrific vision of what can only described as… well, I’m not really sure how to describe it: imagine a man in an old women’s bathing suit, the color being a cross between purple and pink. I thought I’d seen enough horror with the mankini trend we had this year but this was even worse. Yech! By the way, with the Full Moon, the island is fully packed, please book your accommodation ahead because rooms are going really fast and there's just so many pieces we can cut out of Rick’s hammock! 

Canada’s doing a Rescue course today. Much to his dismay, the poor boy has been spending more time with a single tank than twins lately. He’s just done Open Water, Advanced and Rescue in a week. That’s a Zero to Hero Recreational Scuba Instructor Update! OK, so he claims it’s a Tech Rescue course, whatever that means. For all I know, he’s only got one tank, a shop BCD and he’s just going off the beach today. Well, I guess the wetsuit with the extra pockets full of weights counts as tech gear and gives it some legitimacy. Boys with toys…The official date for the annual Staff Party has been set to the 22nd. That leaves us just 2 days to recover before the Christmas Eve party. For you, it’s 9 days left to vote for the Big Blue Awards. Please send your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so the winners can do a little dance on the table with a tequila like last year!
Friday 12th December 2008-
2008-12-03Well..the sun is shining brightly, the vis is getting better and better with every day and we're all eagerly anticipating yet another full moon party rush, the party goers are going to sober up and ditch their buckets and cans of spray paint in favour of a scuba tank and mask and come learn to dive on our beautiful little island!!All things are go here as usual, two of our very own divemasters were signed off as instructors yesterday, so after a lot of studying and exams they finished off nicely with a quiet evening at the library and a good book...well ok, that last bit wasn't strictly true but suffice to say we all celebrated in style!...A big congratulations to Oskar and Donna, well done guys!!It's time for our beloved Amanda to lose the 'T' from her DMT, yes that's right guys after many injuries and the loss of a toe nail, Amanda's DM day is finally upon us! It's always good to watch our fledgling trainees blossom into diving professionals and it's no less with Amanda so another big congratulations to her too!!!! Her challenge is coming up so we'll keep you posted for embarassing stories and "interesting" pictures!All the staff are now rushing to get their names on the Big Blue secret santa list and looking forward to getting lots of pressies but between you and i there may be just a few lumps of coal in thier stockings!!!What?....they can't all have been good boys and girls all year!!! 
11th December 2008
2008-12-11On the 5th day of Christmas my true love sent to me, 5 'o' rings! 4 scorpion fish, 3 morays, 2 puffer fish and a clown fish in an anenome!The Big Blue xmas video is in the making right now and the theme tune will be something like the above - any suggestions for a fishy, diving style 12 days of christmas?Huge welcome to our newest DMT's - Hannah and Kym, Fiona and Kirsty and.... Chris! More females than males at the moment so we've decided to close for a week each month, or stay open, or whatever they want basically so long as they're happy and non-violent.Big Blue Resort also 'has the painters and decorators in' this week. The decking in the restaurant is being replaced and the fan rooms are having a facelift, too. Rest assured, all the hammering, banging and drilling ceases at around 5pm and there's nothing of the sort after that until morning...................Well, what did you think I was going to say?
Wednesday 10th December 2008-

2008-12-10In the immortal words of Sir Cliff Richard- 'Its Christmas time, Mistletoe & large Chang!' After much nagging & moaning about how our Christmas tree aint out yet I got out our Christmas tree! I was under the impression once I'd put the tree up that it would be received with cheers & rupturous applause. I wasn't expecting the barrage of insults & tumultuous abuse I got for my decorative efforts! So much for the season of good cheer! So today the staff chicks are going to have a go at making our tree look a little more festive! & who was it that accused me the other day of not knowing how to get things done properly?Oh dear. Poor old Redvers! In the spirit of Truth or Dare Deano had to breakdance on the beach last night! Most unfortunate as he's now come in to work with a broken toe! How does one break their toe doing the worm? & how come whenever one person injures themselves we end up with another doing exactly the same thing! Wayne has a gangrenous toe, Andy dropped a tank on his toe & now Deano has broken his toe! It's toe much!Congratulations DMT Peter on finishing your DM Course. Peter is a real character. He served 3 tours of duty in Vietnam ( which gives you some indication he aint no spring chicken!) & has cycled to us all the way from New Zealand! & now he's a fully qualified DM he plans on going home for 3 months & then coming back out here in March April time & will do his IDC & then plans on working as an Instructor for a bit! Good on you Peter! & congrats on doing such a fine job on your DM Course! We look forward to your return in a few months!

Tuesday 9th December 2008-

2008-12-09Dan & Kim up the tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G... Sorry Ladies! Looks like Dan has only gone & got himself a girlfriend. As I sit here writing this I can see the happy couple strolling through the resort arms around each other! I can only anticipate the shock waves this knowledge will send around the world but we think its better we tell you now rather than break it to you all over Christmas. Look at it this way at least you can save some money on prezzies now! Unless of course you want to send them to me!First there was Bio Rock & now comes the world’s first underwater sculpture park. Jason de Caires Taylor has gained international recognition for his unique work. His sculptures highlight ecological processes whilst exploring the intricate relationships between modern art and the environment. By using sculptures to create artificial reefs, the artist’s interventions promote hope and recovery, and underline our need to understand and protect the natural world. The sculptures are sited in clear shallow waters to afford easy access by divers, snorkellers and those in glass-bottomed boats. Viewers are invited to discover the beauty of our underwater planet and to appreciate the processes of reef evolution. We'd love to build a sculpture park here too. Anyone interested?Hmmm... accommodation is getting a little hard to find of late! Might need to pop over to Khao Lak & borrow Ricks hammock! I've now sold the last 3000 Bt per night beach bungalow for the rest of the year. The 800 Bt ones were sold out a couple of weeks ago already, the 900 Bt ones are gone now as well & we're really only left with our brand new rooms with hot water, AC, refrigerator, TV , balcony! & that all important flushing toilet! Aah the joys of having a First World WC.

Monday 8th December 2008-

2008-12-08Like to give Oscar & Donna a good luck vibe for their upcoming IDC. They have been slaving away for the last 3 weeks under the watchful eye of IDC Staff Instructor Dive Guru G & are now ready for the next step into Divedom as they hopefully pass their Instructor Exam next week. & then of course the hardest part of the whole IE is the IE Party! G's already booked his morning off after! Good luck guys!Nice to see Canada taking off his techi wrecki hat to get back to the basics of Open Water Confined today! What with the continuous build up of students we've been getting daily we've had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find an Instructor that could teach yesterdays course. & lo & behold, we came up with Canada. Just remember James, its only 1 tank per diver, there's no mixed gases & we'd appreciate it if you didn't take anyone deeper than the obligatory 18 meters... but not in confined!For most of us, water activities are one of those things that will soon or already have become far too cold to enjoy. However, there are those lucky few that can enjoy them year round, (especially if you are lucky enough to live in Koh Tao!) So, some of us might want to check out these waterproof over ear speakers. Not only is it a set of speakers, but it is also a case that will fit your iPod and keep it safe from the water. The cases can fit several of the current and older iPods. It will work underwater up to 300ft. The speakers are designed to be tucked underneath a dive hood or to a mask strap. The case also allows for you to see the screen if you’d like to watch movies while you’re underwater or preparing to be. It will cost you quite a bit though. The set is being sold for a whopping $349.99. That's more than the DM Course costs! Hmm- DM Course or Underwater Ipod? Hmmmm....

Sunday 7th December 2008-

2008-12-07I have got to get me one of these! The Lunocet is a hydrofoil for your feet, a kind of swishing fishtail that will propel you through the water like Aquaman. The device clamps on to the feet, which are kept together, and when you kick, the tail flexes. Instead of just relying on your legs to push the water out of the way and thereby provide propulsion, the Lunocet acts more like an airplane wing and actually provides an airfoil-style "lift" which should enable you to leap from the water and clear the surface like a dolphin. That sounds awesome. Just how fast is it? According to the "LunoFAQS", you can hit 8 mph. That's almost double the speed of Michael Phelps at full tilt. Oh Yeah!It was an excellent turnout at last nights snorkel test & we had people from all over the island come & witness another one of our brave DMT's make an arse of themselves on stage! Congratulations DMT Andy who managed to successfully drink everyone under the table last night at his Divemaster Challenge. Ex Radio DJ mix master Andy Luckman has been with us for the past 6 weeks training to be a Divemaster & now that he's completed it he's addicted & wants more! Can you blame him? Sunshine, underwater nature, beaches, bikinis! Who in their right mind wouldn't want some of this? Sorry Craig!At a time when the rest of the world is sacking their staff left, right & center we are looking to take on more! Yesterday we put an ad out for a Scandi speaker & today we need a Bar DJ, a shop girl, another German Instructor, another Dutchie & whats with all these Spaniards lately? I'm going to need one of them too! Ooh its real busy here. Think I need another holiday. I'm off to Khao Lak to see our buddies over there. Rick, Sonia, Marcel, Paulie, Klaus, Robyn, Filip, Ricky, Anna... save us a seat guys we're coming over!

Saturday 6th December 2008-

2008-12-06So if you check out the news headlines its all doom & gloom for Thailand! Looks like a load of hot wind if you ask us. The emails are relentless, boats to Koh Tao are full, our accommodation is full, all our Instructors are busy & our DM team is full on too! I'm also hearing Samui is getting busy now too. But apparently tourism is down as much as 50% according to some sources. Well people, take it from the horses mouth! Its busy here & rooms are getting hard to find. Highly recommend booking ahead if you are looking at coming over to this beautiful island paradise in the next few days or weeks! Especially around Full Moon which is next week & then Christmas in only 19 sleeps time! Ho ho ho!Getting to that time of the year again when the whole of Scandinavia immigrates to the warm shores of Thailand. The Swedish newspapers are recommending Thailand (well done Swedish newspapers) as this years choice of winter sun destinations & Koh Tao comes 7th on their list of top spots. So looks like we're going to be inundated with foxy blondes & teutonic fellas within the next few weeks so I'm putting out a Situation vacant advert! If you speak Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finnish & and are a stunningly attractive, have an infectious personality & are a diving Instructor then please contact us. Interviews with the fellas will be held down the pub! Interviews with the ladies will be held over a candlelit dinner & a movie!Word on the street is that you can only get 15 day tourist visas now! That's initially quite shocking news but when you check it out in a bit more detail it's not actually as bad as it first seems. If you arrive in Thailand via an airport then you get your normal 30 day visa which bearing in mind is the majority of visitors to Thailand. But if you come in Thailand by land then you get stuck with the 15 day visa! So our recommendation then is if you want to stay longer than 30 days then go to your local Thai Consulate or Embassy get your 60 day Tourist visa then after 60 days whizz off to Samui & extend for a further month & a month later off to Malaysia & get another 60 Day tourist visa! Easy. Same same but different!

Friday 5th December 2008

2008-12-05Managed to make it to Chumphon yesterday morning with our divers which made a change & by all accounts well worth the effort! Good viz flat seas & because the fishing fleets don't go out in big waves there was heaps of fish! What's been particularly interesting are all the peculiar looking fishies we've been spotting amidst all the flotsam & jetsam on the surface. Reasonably odd behaviour especially for the well camouflaged pipefish & also for the very appropriately named Sea moth. A very bizarre looking fishy- a swimming moth! Cool!As you may know we take care of a few dogs here at Big Blue. We got Panda & Major that both adore DM Andy! Then there's Massaman who gets taken care of by Na, our restaurant cashier, Uri our Japanese dog & our 2 favourites Sausage & Ugly! Ugly even has her own Facebook Group- the Ugly Dog Appreciation Society with almost 200 Members! And we do have to take care of our dogs of course after all they aint just for Christmas! So thanks on behalf of Ugly, Dan & Deano for bathing her,washing her thoroughly & giving her a nice new clean coat. Not so Ugly now are you Beautiful!Just like to wish the King of Thailand a very Happy Birthday. It's his 81st Birthday today & his 62nd year on the throne making him the longest serving Monarch in the world. & unfortunatley its only his 1st time when he hasn't been able to give his yearly Birthday address ( due to illness) to the people who love & respect him so.Thais talk of their love for him as though he were a cherished member of the family. In his speeches to the nation he likes to joke and tease them. Earlier in his reign when he was younger and traveled a lot, he clearly enjoyed meeting and mixing with people from the poorest rural communities. People often refer to his long life of service to the nation, to his experiments with agriculture and irrigation, many of them carried out on the grounds of his palace in Bangkok. A truely great leader & we all wish him a very happy Birthday & hope that he gets well soon. 

Thursday 4th December 2008

2008-12-04Bah humbug! What monsoon? I've been back a week now & it's been nothing but glorious sunshine! Not a drop of rain & nothing but fabulous sunsets everynight. The water is flat, well at Sairee Beach it is at least, & the conditions have never been this good for Open Water Confined. Much better learning to dive in the sea than it is in a swimming pool. Wouldn't you agree?AAah. So nice to see one of our little ones teaching their first Open Water Course! Dan came to us over a year ago as a small spotty little nipper to learn how to dive. He signed up for his Open Water Course then did his Advanced, followed by his Rescue, then hung out a while longer & did his DM with us as well. Then as a maturing male we ended up offering him a job in our DM Team where he rose to the occasion & became a very considerate DM. & now he's grown into a proper man & passed his Instructor Course he's teaching his first Open Water Course today. Bless. Congratulations Dan. We're all very proud!And it looks like the troops are gradually returning. Canada & Yvonne got back yesterday after enjoying themselves with the troubles in Bangkok. & Emily got back this morning after peeling herself off the beach in the Phillipines. All we need now is Rich to return from his visa run & Barry to get off the potty & we'll be one big happy family again! Welcome back peeps!
Wednesday 3rd December 2008
2008-12-03And after all the fun & frolicks of recent days at Bangkoks 2 airports it seems the protestors have now got what they asked for & the leader of the ruling party has been ousted from his position as the Thailand High Court has dissolved the Ruling PPP. And what does that mean to everyone? Well it means the airports will be open again here in the next 2 days & you'll all be over to pop over & see all of us on this lovely little tropical island paradise! And if you're really lucky then maybe the airport will get closed again & you can stay a little longer!Got to feel sorry for poor Emily. Poor thing had to extend her holiday to the Phillipines & even managed to get a sojourn to Malaysia for a few days while those in Bangkok dilly dallied! Must have been awfull poor thing. Having to unpack your bikini for another 8 days worth of sunbathing. I don't know how you coped!Weather at the moment is supposed to be wet & stormy but actually its beautiful. Rays of sunshine, flat seas here in Sairee Bay, and they are getting flatter on the crossing over from the main land! & the viz seems to be increasing a little as well! Could this be the end of Monsoon??? (I immediately regret saying that!)

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