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Koh Tao's Seasons

The great thing about Koh Tao is that because it is just a small island, we can travel around the whole place by boat in less than an hour. Which means then that whenever the weather is bad & blustery & there are big seas then we can always find a suitable, calm area, where the visibility hasn’t been too disturbed, to dive at throughout the year.

In addition, because Koh Tao is just a small landmass the growing rain clouds that form often don’t unleash their aquatic unpleasantness till they are over the larger landmasses of our neighbours Koh Samui & Koh Phangan. So when our friends there are getting soaked our friends here are soaking in sunshine.
The beginning of the year & some of the most perfect beautiful months of sunshine, flat seas & swimming off the beach the year has to offer. The water on the west coast of the island is completely flat calm but visibility can be a little temperamental with the knock on effects of monsoon seas especially in early Jan. February tends to be gorgeous! & heaps of sharks! Visibility is often as much as 30 meters. The East coast of Koh Tao is also beautiful with nice calm seas though the visibility might not be as clear as the west side of Koh Tao. Heaps of sunshine, pretty girls in bikinis, great diving, flat seas, average water temperature at 29 degrees not a bad time of year to be in Koh Tao at all!
Its hot! Real hot! Water temperature exceeds 30 degrees, guaranteed sunshine & gorgeous sunsets! Can get some good tropical style thunderstorms at this time of year especially at dusk but they’re usually on the mainland, which can make for quite a spectacle sitting on the beach in Koh Tao while looking at the thunderbolts of lightening on the mainland. Water clarity is best at this time of year & your chances of seeing Whalesharks are much higher than at any other time of year. Sea swell is minimal with a usual flat as a pancake like surface conditions. All you want to do at this time of year is spend as much time as possible in the water consequently it tends to be some of the busiest months of the year!
The wind turns & the west coast of the island experiences a fresh cooling breeze & occasional days of relatively big waves. Afternoon storms can be very typical especially in August but they don’t last long & weather is still generally pretty sunny throughout the day. Diving is best on the East side of the island where it is flat calm, crystal clear & teeming with marine life. This is actually what makes Koh Tao so unique in that we have 11 month seasons. As it only takes an hour to travel right round Koh Tao whenever its blowing on the west side & big waves you'll find the other side of the island completely cut off from all the wind & waves & in complete contrast. Though you might want to neck a seasickness pill especially on your way to Koh Tao.
Very beautiful long sunny days, calm flat seas beautiful semi clad bodies & superb diving. Water & Air temperature drops a little as we enter the ‘winter’ months but still tropical. Average daytime air & water temperature 30 degrees. Great sunsets, good diving all around Koh Tao & although there might be a few days of blustery conditions as this part of the worls gets hit with typhoons especially in the Phillipines & Vietnam we generally get a couple pf bad days over a spell of 3-4 weeks of good days! Heaps of fish, high potential of seeing whalesharks, & not so many divers- Quiet season!
Monsoon Season!

Koh Tao doesn’t suffer from your usual movie monsoon madness, as it isn’t relentless rain for days on end.  A typical monsoon usually consists of a couple of weeks on & off of impressively hard rain & quite a lot of wind. The visibility gets stirred up & the swell can be rather unpleasant. We are quite limited for a choice of dive sites but generally the best diving is actually straight off from our resort with upto 10 meters maximum right here on our house reef here in Sairee. Water temperature reaches as low as a nipple erectile 26 degrees. The journey to Koh Tao at this time of the year is definitely going to be bouncy. Do please take seasickness pills! Not too many semi naked people strolling the beach at this time of year other than Russians!

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