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Full Day Trips

We offer up to three Full Day Trips every week to one of the Gulf Of Thailands most exciting Dive sites- Sail Rock. A Full Day Trip leaves at 6.30am when a Full English Breakfast Buffet will be served as we head out to our destination. Nice loooong surface intervals to enjoy the sunshine the scenery & the entertainment is the norm on a Full Day Trip. After our second Dive a Thai buffet lunch is served & after our third & final dive of the day the trip home is accompanied by Chocolate Cake for everyone! The highlight of the day. Back to Koh Tao by about 5pm. This is always a very popular trip and can fill up quite quickly. These trips can also be dependent on the conditions.


We are very excited to announce that very soon we will be offering Day trips to Ang Tong Marine Park and also Chumphon Marine Park. These are not available just yet but watch this space for more information.


Sail Rock is widely regarded as the best Dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. A large isolated pinnacle big enough to also be classed as a small island it rises 15 meters above the surface & descends to some 40+ meters depth. The highlight of Sail Rock is the Chimney a large 3 meter verticalk swim thru that drops from 5 meters below the surface all the way down to 18 meters. Explore the nooks and crannies and you’ll also find Moray Eels, Stingrays, Crabs and Shrimps. Sail Rock acts as a pit stop for a lot of travelling pelagics so its not uncommon to see passing Whalesharks, big schools of Barracuda & Trevally & if you keep your fingers crossed we might even get to see some Bull Sharks here!

Angthong Marine Park has wonderful dive sites full of interesting overhangs and “swim-throughs”, combined with sloping reefs starting at around 2m in depth, these are great sites for both diving and snorkeling. It is an excellent location for swimming, snorkeling and nice easy diving and has an incredible diversity of both hard and soft corals which adorn these reefs, making them the perfect habitat for Banded Sea Snakes (Kraits), Fusiliers, Parrotfish, Wrasse, and various species of Angelfish and Butterflyfish.  There is a lovely swim-through at Hin Yippon,which is in a partially submerged cave which cuts through the rock, meaning you can enter at one side and exit on the other. Snorkelling Note: Due to its calm, shallow water and abundance of colourful, healthy corals and marine life, Angthong Marine Park offers an ideal location for snorkellers and swimmers.

Chumphon Marine Park - Chumphon province is one of the lesser known diving spots of Thailand. With around 50 islands to choose from there is no limit to what you may find under the surface. With an abundance of marine life, caves and swimthroughs on offer as well as a recently sunk Navy vessel the area can also boast relatively unspoilt diving as it has not been hit by the mass tourism and development that you'll find in Koh Tao & Koh Samui. Although you won't get as good visibility as you can on the Andaman side, if dived at the right time of year, Chumphon can be extremely rewarding both to the novice and experienced diver with Whalesharks, turtles & even leopard sharks seen here.

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