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Where are they now- Deano Jenkins Featured

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In an industry full to bursting with enormous ego’s and Vaseline, where rare breeds of both man & fish become one entity, there comes along every couple of hours or so, someone so ordinary we bring them under our fold, and nurture them and polish them into being the most perfect specimens of Scuba Instructors. Improved and renewed and updated overtime these polished pieces leave the comfort of their homes to carry on their dreams of travelling the world & encountering marvels few will ever experience. But have these Top Guns continued on their road to Scuba Stardom or are we about to find out that perhaps an unannounced enema with the Thai Bum Gun might just what they need to get them back on track!
It’s time to play Top Gun or Bum Gun!
Deano Jenkins-
When poor Mr & Mrs Jenkins realized they’d brought a Ginger into the world they must have felt then that it was time to get the bum gun out, but credit where credits due, the young Welsh couple stuck with their Orangutan Taff and gave him the confidence to go out into the big wide world and cover people in phlegm during a normal conversation, count up to 12 on his fingers, clothe sheep & teach people to dive!
Deano worked at Big Blue Diving as an Instructor from about 2006 to about 2014 earning himself a very stand up reputation both within PADI & SSI and was awarded Instructor with the most SSI certs in the world in around 2012. Such were the dizzying heights to which Deano soared it was only ever going to go one way once this Top Gun left the nurturing loving care of his colleagues hairy, tattooed arms here at Big Blue.
Deano spent his next few years exploring the incredible dive sites of the Sipadans & the Similans, living the life the majority of the world’s population can only dream about. Cruising out on overnight liveaboards diving with mantas & whalesharks, through crystal clear waters and past deserted islands the life of a this Scuba Diver wasn’t all sun drenched plums and Brazilian bikinis. Deano was after more.
Then along comes the Philisi, one of the most talked about of Thailand Liveaboards to ever cruise the Similan & Surin Islands. Operated & owned by legendary Diving Dutchie Steve Wessel, who also owns and operates the Junk Liveaboard, the MV Philisi is something so big and glamourous that even celebrities have to think twice about whether they’re worthy enough. So WTF is up when Deano gets given the honor of managing, delegating, steering, diving & entertaining, as Cruise Director of this way over the top glamour show!
What do you reckon guys? Is Deano going to Top Gun the Philisi sky high, into another dimension of time and space or, do you reckon we need to get the bum gun out and spray water up his spacial dimension for some time? 

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