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Saturday, 17 November 2018 15:37

The Daftest Stuff We've Been Asked ... Featured

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As Koh Tao is an island filled with fresh new scuba divers, most of whom are diving for the first time in their lives, we're constantly being quizzed about the oceans and the marine life that can be seen underwater.  As you can imagine, most questions are inevitably along the lines of "Where is Nemo? Can I find Nemo? Can I Kiss Nemo? Does Dory live here? and other stuff related to that legendary Disney documentary..
However, every so often we're asked something that surprises even the most experienced Koh Tao dive professionals, and here's a collection of my favourites from over the years:
- Where's the beach? Is the sea next to it?
- How long does an hour massage last?
- How does Koh Tao not float away, is it chained to the floor?
- How do I know when to breathe?
- If it's high tide on this side of the island, then it's low tide on the other side right?
- How many fish will I see?
- If it rains too much will the fish die?
- I have a phobia of boats, the open ocean and fish. Do you think diving's a good idea for me?
- How deep do you have to go to dive under the island?
- If I run out of air can I not just blow into the tank to refill it?
- Where's my Darth Vader thing? (looking for his regulator)
- Does it rain underwater?
- Is this waterproof? (after giving them a dive computer to use)
- What island is this? (after driving just 5 minutes from Koh Tao)
And my favourite, which I've actually been asked on more than one occasion...
- How come the freediving isn't free? You should change the name.
Big Blue Diving, giving idiots the chance to open their mouths without thinking for 26 years and counting. Never stop guys!

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