Big Blue Diving - Koh Tao - Thailand - 8 Experiences every diver should feel.
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8 Experiences every diver should feel. Featured

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Here are 8 things every diver should do before they die!

Do a drift dive in a 2 knot current- You’ve just got to experience that feeling of “flying” across a reef, occasionally grabbing a rock to stop and examine something more closely.
Do a night dive- Overcome the natural fear and prepare to be amazed – if you think you see lots of fish in the day, wait until you look at night!
Accompany someone on their first try dive- Watch their face as they suddenly realize they can breathe underwater!
Dive a serious wreck- I’m talking about something over 100 meters long. It’s awesome to swim the decks of a really big vessel on the sea bed and to “feel” the people that lived and worked in it.
Ride an underwater scooter- It’s just the most fun you can have – and your air lasts forever!
Spend a whole week diving every day- It tests your skills and your equipment, but there’s so much satisfaction from coming through a “Diving marathon”.
Try Nitrox as a post dive party hangover cure- It does actually work!
Propel a diver across a pool using a dive tank and a lilo- Twin sets work best for this!

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