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Pai is undoubtedly one of the most popular towns for tourists to visit in Thailand, and is usually to be found on people’s itineraries when heading north. Set in a picturesque valley 3 hours from Chiang Mai (the famous drive of 762 curves) Pai is a chilled out town with a lovely river and fabulous picturesque countryside around it, making it a firm favourite with the stoner and hippy travellers that Thailand attracts by the bucket load.

Here we’ll look at what I think are the best 5 things to do when you’ve summoned up the willpower to eventually leave the hammock:


Pai Canyon

Probably the most beautiful place in Pai is the Pai Canyon (Kong Lan in Thai). This natural wonder is about 8km away from the centre on the road towards Chiang Mai, and is a favourite amongst travellers looking for those classic Thai sunset/sunrise photos and those looking to explore some of the great walking trails in the area.

You should try to head out trekking early morning or late afternoon before it gets too hot, and definitely wear decent shoes if planning to do some of the walks at the Canyon - there’s often narrow elevated paths flanked by 20-30 metre drops, some climbing on all fours needed, and not a single safety barrier to be seen!



Pam Bok waterfall

This is arguably the most beautiful waterfall in the Pai area, and a little less touristy than the others too. After a five minute stroll through the forest you’ll find this lovely waterfall, which also offers the opportunity to cool off with a nice relaxing swim if you clamber over the rocks a little. If you’re feeling more adventurous there is also a small dirt track that leads to a spot where you can jump from, though in the dry season there’s a good chance you’ll plummet to your death – this does not get my recommendation.



Yun Lai View Point

This is found around 5km from Pai town, above the Chinese village of Santichon, and offers a beautiful panoramic view over the Pai landscape. Entrance fee is 20 Baht, which also gets you a deliciously refreshing pot of Chinese green tea, served in an ornate teapot and little china cups. There is also a ‘romantic’ wishing tree (one for the girls I imagine) where you can buy a little ceramic heart to make a wish and hang in its branches. Best visited for sunrise, before the Chinese tour groups arrive – weekends in particular can get a little crowded with them and their ubiquitous selfie-sticks!




Explore Pai River

Coming from a city dominated by its river, I’m always a sucker for exploring the rivers and all going on around them, and this one is exactly what I’m looking for – hardly any other tourists at all, a few rustic bamboo bungalows lining the banks and local fisherman at work with their nets trying to pull in something to sell at the market later on. It’s possible to cross the river via some rickety-looking bamboo bridges to explore both sides, and daydream about all the river has seen on its journey down from the mountains of the Daen Lao Range…


Tha Pai Hot Spring

When you find yourself wanting a relaxing soak there’s no better place than the Tha Pai Hot Springs. A 7km drive from the town, a cold-water stream flows over boiling-hot rocks to create a soothing, heated pool surrounded by lush scenery – highly recommended in the winter months when the temperatures can drop a fair bit! Entry costs 300 baht, and it’s open from 07.00- 18.00.

It a lovely drive into the springs, and can be a popular spot with backpackers in Pai so if you’re looking to meet some new travel buddies then it’s absolutely somewhere to put on your list of places not to miss.





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